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Anal sex is one of the most taboo sexual practices and therefore one of the most exciting and intriguing for many people. Like all forbidden fruit it entices and confuses so make sure you understand what can be a very satisfying form of sex before you attempt it. Don’t believe everything you see in porn. Anal sex, especially when you first try it takes time, care and patience – oh and lots of lube!

So enjoy these blogs about anal sex we are sure you’ll get hot and horny as our members recount their views and experiences of anal sex.

another top fantasy of mine. A spanking and a little bit more
No holes barred, erotic sex poem...
Pictures and story of anal play with vibe that went missing.
Mrs. Kelly submits big time to her Black Master… photos and all.
If you’re interested in a little anal sex play, on your own or with your partner you should pop across
I had a plan to try and sleep with a man from every country in the world. I lured my South African via cyber sex to my London bedsit with the promise of him losing his anal virginity. It worked in that I had sex with a South African and could check off that box, but the price my bottom had to pay with his inexperience was memorable and kinda sexy.
2 months ago, I had a week when I fucked a different person each day. This is the 3rd of 7 installments of stories about that week.
I picked up the dildo and rubbed it on her lips. They parted and the sex toy immediately became slick with her juices, it glistened in the early morning light that was streaming through the open window. I pushed the tip in and out of the opening of her cunt and listened to her gasps that grew louder as the dildo was pushed deeper with every stroke.
When I have a “relaxed” orgasm (as opposed to the ones I have to force through a series of complicated and intense isometric muscle tensing exercises) my whole body sort of vibrates, shakes, and bounces a little… kinda like a Bumble Ball.
Santa Claus ditches the pouched belly for abs stacked like a Hersey bar and is just as sinfully delicious.Pursued by a sexy vampire hunter, things get heated in this tale of betrayal and undeniable desire!