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Anal sex is one of the most taboo sexual practices and therefore one of the most exciting and intriguing for many people. Like all forbidden fruit it entices and confuses so make sure you understand what can be a very satisfying form of sex before you attempt it. Donít believe everything you see in porn. Anal sex, especially when you first try it takes time, care and patience Ė oh and lots of lube!

So enjoy these blogs about anal sex we are sure youíll get hot and horny as our members recount their views and experiences of anal sex.

I fucked a guy in the ass while he was sucking on a t-girlís cock, while she was sucking on Aceís cock. All the while being unsolicitedly watched, groped, and cock-stabbed by countless, faceless men through the many holes of the dark, dirty cubicle. It was one of the most surreal sexperiences of my life.
Anal is menís fantasy and womenís bane, or so many people think. However, do it correctly and both of you can experience a different type of pleasure. I guide you through it with this post and write about a hot anal experience.
Review of Rachel Kramer Bussel's newest erotica focusing on Anal Sex. Plus enter to win your own copy
Not an urban myth, anal orgasms are achievable.
I am laying out in the field, sunbathing naked, enjoying the warm breeze on my body, when I suddenly notice a mixed group of guys and girls standing over me.
An MFM threesome with my husband and a sexy Fireman, which ended in a triple simultaneous orgasm, my ass and mouth getting filled with cum at the same time. Really hot.
I received the Streem Master Premium Shower Douche from ThatPosition in exchange for this review.
An unusual threesome where my husband and I double-penetrate a very submissive MILF
Something that is not spoken of freely on different blogs, is the way people prepare for anal sex. I'm taking the plunge... no pun intended.
A peek into my journey of embracing pegging play