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Anal sex is one of the most taboo sexual practices and therefore one of the most exciting and intriguing for many people. Like all forbidden fruit it entices and confuses so make sure you understand what can be a very satisfying form of sex before you attempt it. Don’t believe everything you see in porn. Anal sex, especially when you first try it takes time, care and patience – oh and lots of lube!

So enjoy these blogs about anal sex we are sure you’ll get hot and horny as our members recount their views and experiences of anal sex.

Alexis Texas ‘Texas Tornado’ Fleshlight is from the Fleshlight Girls series. It is a longstanding favorite among many Fleshlight users looking for a realistic anal sleeve.
Despite the growing support for prostate stimulation and anal sex toys for men, there is a strong taboo still associated with this very pleasurable past-time; this stigma includes (but is not limited to) associations with submission (unless that is your kind of thing) and strong (but very misguided) associations that anal penetration is a homosexual act. The two taboo’s associated with prostate massagers are something that we here at Pulse & Cocktails are looking to challenge!
After some questions I have decided to write a reflection post on the first date that we had with The Talker. I might write about this 'new' kink some more.
Mistress Peach discusses misconceptions about strap-on sex.
It may surprise you, but 7 years ago, I wasn’t the open minded, sex-positive human I am now...
Sir takes out his bad day on Little Girl and she makes Him feel good again.
I get quite a lot of hits where people use 'anal hook' in their searches, so I thought it was time to say some more about anal hooks.
Rough sex erotica featuring anal
She doesn't know, who, or how many will take her
It only occurred to me this evening as I lay next to Alex as he tested a new anal vibrator on himself. And I was on my second clitoral orgasm