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Anal sex is one of the most taboo sexual practices and therefore one of the most exciting and intriguing for many people. Like all forbidden fruit it entices and confuses so make sure you understand what can be a very satisfying form of sex before you attempt it. Donít believe everything you see in porn. Anal sex, especially when you first try it takes time, care and patience Ė oh and lots of lube!

So enjoy these blogs about anal sex we are sure youíll get hot and horny as our members recount their views and experiences of anal sex.

Finally we had our first date with The Talker. Hours of delicious and sexy fun followed, under which playing with my glass dildo.
I have tried several butt plugs until I came across the Njoy series. Ever since I have used nothing else.
A very dear friend asked me recently why some women feel the need to peg his ass. He wanted my thoughts on this as a domme. Iíve been asked this before and have tried to offer explanations. Although always in a private forum. Some of my writings have touched on my take on the subject.
I absolutely adore my Njoy plugs and sometimes I even show them off!
It only occurred to me this evening as I lay next to Alex as he tested a new anal vibrator on himself. And I was on my second clitoral orgasm
Yes, it really is 10 years since the creation of this site. Who would have thought that a need to share our thoughts and experiences on sex
A bit of holiday smut!
There are a bunch of new sex toy sales for October too, and the theme this month is butt toys galore!
Showing off my favorite plug for Sinful Sunday/Kink of the Week.
I will never tire of Romp photos...