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The difference between 'aggressiveness' and 'aggression' in demonstrating desire.
The more I sat in that chair listening to her go on about how my work was lacking in creativity the angrier I could feel myself becoming. My leg bounced in agitation as I bit down hard on my bottom lip trying to restrain the fire I could feel boiling close to eruption. “Who the hell did she think she was anyways”, I thought to myself. She may be my boss, but she had no right to constantly downplay my hard work. It’s not like it was anything new though as nothing I ever did seemed to be good enough in her eyes.
Sometimes it's the Domme's fault for not getting what she wanted, especially when she pushed it away for so long. For the record, being aggressive doesn't mean a struggle.
He stands, legs spread wide, arms outstretched, in the middle of the room with the water of a fresh shower dripping from his dirty blonde hair down across the muscles of his back.