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Screeching halt to my warm and fuzzies. I swear it would have its own sound effect.
She remembers the pics from earlier in the day he so obediently supplied her. The abuse, violation and her pride in him as he understood the importance of the lesson. The knowledge he acquired when he was not broken but renewed as he found a strength he didn’t know was there. A strength he has only with her. A strength that grows only with her.
Sir cares for his Little Girl after her subspace adventure
50 Shades of Grey. Alas, it is a subject that fills me with cold dread and white-hot anger… but it is a subject that is very important to me and I feel that it is somewhat my duty as a practicing member of the BDSM community to voice my concerns about this worldwide phenomenon that has enraptured so many well-meaning women.
cuddling after session, it reminded me of home
after the high of sex, I still need care
When the beating is over and he's in subspace, our aftercare includes love, reassurance, and lovely whispered words.
I am a strong advocate of aftercare when engaging in BDSM play. What we do for recreation not only affects the body, but also affects the mind. Whether I play intimately with my wife, high impact with my play partner who is tough as nails, or am topping a friend who wishes to learn techniques or experience something new, I always provide aftercare. The only time I would not, would be if in the pre scene negotiations, and someone told me they wish to be left alone in their space. Even then, I wouldn’t feel it was just okay to put them out of my mind and I would make certain to learn what is their normal routine and usual activities after play.
I wanted him to eat my every word. I wanted to shove them down his throat, to sit heavy in his stomach -- to fill him up and make him hungry, to nourish him and make him sick...
"After seeing my submissive’s ass after the caning scene, I realized the box of SpongeBob band-aids I brought for aftercare wasn’t going to be enough."