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My thoughts on how important love and sex are, whether you need the one to have the other or whether you can detach the two.
When I first came out as a lesbian and was dating Darksoul I was terrified at the issues I knew I was going to be facing, especially as a lesbian mother. At first, because my daughter was small we kept things low key and only our closest friends knew we were a couple. It eventually created a rift in our relationship though as we both grew tired of being viewed as just friends. So one day when out shopping and my daughter was at school Darksoul and I had a moment and instinctively she kissed me passionately for several minutes in the middle of the store. When she pulled away from me suddenly she looked at me with wide panic eyes and said “shit I forgot!”.
Sometimes it's the Domme's fault for not getting what she wanted, especially when she pushed it away for so long. For the record, being aggressive doesn't mean a struggle.
What I haven’t ever admitted here is that J has always been leaving.
With slave Chael I play D&D with friends, want to punch him in the grocery store, have him serve me, and generally deal with the upcoming divorce.