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Another story about Nina & Jax
She knelt next to me now and was able to take the whole of my cock in her hand. Slowly and deliberately she started to wank me, first looking at my cock, then into my eyes and then back at my cock again. The soft skin exposed and hid my glans which glistened in the dim light from the screen. She liked the taste of precum and leant in to taste it by lapping me with her tongue. She had great tits nicely displayed in a tight blouse that was opened far lower than I remembered when I bought the tickets.
Michelle was playing with her clitoris, rubbing it in a circular motion. Above, Tony could see her squeezing her breasts through the material of her blouse with her other hand. Tony started to lap along her pussy, longer and longer strokes until his tongue replaced her finger rubbing and sucking at her clitoris. She began to cum, her thighs pressing hard against Tony’s ears holding his head in place. Michelle’s hands grabbed his head pulling him onto her pussy, encouraging him to continue pleasuring her. Tony rubbed her clit until his tongue ached sending shuddering aftershocks through Michelle’s body.
Jane’s moan as Tony entered her was stifled by his mouth pressing into hers. He broke his lips from hers and shifted his hips to penetrate her fully but found her not as deep as Pipa, perhaps Pipa had grown to accommodate him, or had she always been the perfect fit? He couldn’t remember. The thought of Pipa didn’t deter him from fucking Jane, in fact it made him even more excited. This was like being back at college, fun, exciting, new … not that Pipa wasn’t exciting … no, he wasn’t going to let guilt spoil this.
Suddenly her face changed, her eyes rolled and the crotch of her panties suddenly darkened. The patch spread rapidly turning the light blue of the cotton to dark, wet, shining fabric. Pee began to escape from the lacy sides of her underwear trickling from the left and running down Freya’s right leg in a river which hugged her skin and soaked her light blue hold-ups. Pee dripped onto my trousers and began to soak them through in a light yellow river of hot fragrant piss that seemed to last forever.
The heavy mounds that were revealed were not the petit and pert kind that his girlfriend had, these were soft and sensuous in a way he wasn’t used to, her nipples were quite large but in proportion to her tits and her nipples were erect and inviting. Ed leaned forward to first lick and suck them. Soon he began to nibble and as the intensity of his attentions increased Ruth’s moans of appreciation grew louder.
When I laid down for my nursing I found her nipple hard as I sucked it into my mouth and heard her draw in breath sharply when I started to suck at it. After a few minutes and as I was expecting to me switched to her other tit I realised she was rubbing my cock through my trousers. I carried on blissfully sucking the white fluid from her. “You shouldn’t be embarrassed that you get excited by sucking my breasts, Steven used to be the same. I like it too you know. Nursing a child is one thing, special and caring. But a man sucking me brings out my desires too, just like yours.” She squeezed my cock hard.
My hands shifted to her shoulders so that I could pull her towards me and thrust into her. “Yes, yes, that’s it.” She encouraged me. “I want you to fill me up.” First I needed her to cum. She was so taken over by the moment and this new experience that it didn’t take long and normally I would be holding myself back for a while to try and synchronise our orgasms – this time she beat me to climax and left me sloshing about in a river of liquid from her snatch. My balls dripped with her and felt cool in the gentle evening breeze that was now wafting around us.