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Alice had some sexy times in her own wonderland.
Fucking in the snow was not what she expected when they went out on the sleigh ride.
Remember, remember the fifth of remember - that sure makes you think of Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night, right?
"Shall we dance?" he asked, but she didn't know what and who he really was.
Fire and ice, as well as finding warmth play a role in this piece of erotic fiction.
The August prompt for A Darker Flame was all about royalty.
An erotic story about a dream vacation on a deserted island.
Sneaking into a dressing room the main character unexpectedly got a private performance.
Beware of the leopard is my story for the May prompt of the meme called A Darker Flame.
X marks the spot is written for two memes: the erotica meme A Darker Flame and the A-Z April blogging challenge.