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How to Turn Her On Over Skype
2017-03-14 11:46:44
In a long distance relationship? Single and want to engage in some hot Skype sex? Whatever your situation
Nexus Femme Cadence Dual Stimulator
2016-05-02 18:04:55
The Nexus Femme Cadence is presented in a very feminine purple mock flock wall paper
Swan Wand Vibrator
2016-04-25 10:52:27
It’s been so long since I had a Swan vibrator in my hand that I had to look back on this site. It was way back in 2013
Adrien Lastic Ocean Storm Egg Vibrator
2016-04-03 23:46:49
The Ocean Storm vibrating egg is presented in Adrien Lastic’s familiar packaging. The outer sleeve being matt white with grey patterning and an image of the contents
Twisting Tom Quattro-Bipolar Electrosex Toy
2016-03-28 09:37:21
The Twisting Tom Quattro-Bipolar Electrosex Toy is quite a mouthful, but it you’re feeling it tickling your tonsils
Services Abroad
2016-03-22 23:59:01
It’s probably the attitude of a lot of ex-British colonies that apart from the simple fact that taking over
Impress Tongue Touch From Calexotics
2016-03-12 21:45:59
It’s a while since I got my hands on some Calexotics pleasure they have a very extensive range of products so there’s one thing guaranteed
Durex Pure Bliss Vibrator
2016-03-07 01:03:36
It has to be said the Durex have taken a very heavy influence from luxury adult toy
Passion Pouches Condoms for You and Your Lover
2016-02-27 21:58:24
Making love should be fun, carefree and above all passionate so to create that perfect storm of lust, love and fulfilment we all have to have fun responsibly. Sound like your Sex-Ed
Womanizer W500 Clitoral Stimulator
2016-02-22 01:43:54
This is a review with a different approach to the norm for me because I’m about to review a second generation product. The Womanizer W100 has now
What To Look For In An Adult Shop
2016-02-14 10:37:08
Everyone looks for something different in their shopping experience whether they are purchasing groceries, clothing, luxuries or those bedroom essentials that no adult should be without
Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion Pulsator Vibrator
2016-02-08 10:24:58
It’s been a while since I encountered a new product with a reciprocating motor, to be precise 2013 which was the Stronic Eins. This is not
Pasante Vibrations Cock Ring
2016-01-30 21:17:06
Cock rings come in several varieties from the expensive multi-use type to ones like this, the Pasante Vibrations
Public Enemy No 2 Cock Cage
2016-01-25 14:38:30
A cock cage is not your everyday sex toy, if indeed there can be such a thing as an everyday sex toy. I say this because some sex toys such as vibrators Value Big Name Sex Toys
2016-01-17 11:35:55
It’s the ultimate aim for all of us, get the best products at the cheapest price from a well-known supplier. When it comes to buying sex toys online it’s not easy to achieve all three of those aims. Big suppliers can sometimes
Mystim Charging Chester
2016-01-10 18:30:29
Mystim have been working hard over the past few years to develop a range of products which hold appeal to all levels of sex toy user. Charging Chester (I can’t help thinking of Charlie Chester. Lol) is just one
Lelo Lily 2 Vibrator
2015-12-28 18:48:56
My Lelo Lily 2 arrived packaged in a totally different style of box to the normal ones provided by Lelo. No longer are the boxes
Rocks-Off O-Boy Prostate Stimulator
2015-12-26 01:56:46
The Rocks-Off O-Boy joins a wide range of prostate massagers from Rocks-Off. Over the years the clever people at Rocks-Off have developed a comprehensive
Where Are We With Sex Work?
2015-12-19 20:27:40
Some people that many men are all the same, wanting to see big boobs parading about in sexy clothing and projecting a persona that can be anything from
Silhouette S8 Vibrator
2015-12-14 14:28:10
The Silhouette S8 Vibrator is presented in a sturdy matt white box with cellophane window so you can view the contents before opening. And emblazoned on the top
E-Stim Electrogel Conductive Lubricant
2015-12-13 10:07:46
Any form of sexual play needs lube from time to time, and some types of play more than other. In “conventional” sexual applications lubricants
Bon Aparte Vibrator From Mystim
2015-12-06 16:48:00
The Bon Aparte Vibrator (or Good Apart, or maybe it’s “bone” LOL) is my second review in a collection of products I will be reviewing
Adrien Lastic Mini Romeo Vibrator
2015-11-24 10:35:47
I had the pleasure of reviewing the Mini Romeo Vibrator’s bigger cousin a couple of years ago now and enjoyed the hands free vibrations
Lelo Loki Anal Vibrator
2015-11-23 14:35:47
The Lelo Loki Anal Vibrator comes, as always beautifully packaged from Lelo. The box is wrapped in a black bag to minimise damage during shipping to the faux
E-Stim Ultrasound Micro Urethral Sound
2015-11-16 10:48:31
I’ve never inserted anything down the end of my penis before testing the E-Stim Ultrasound Micro, even less thought about passing an electric current through my cock. But to test this particular sex toy that’s exactly what’s
Mystim Tickling Truman Vibrator
2015-11-06 15:40:50
The Mystim company have been around for some years now and I’ve kept on bumping in to them at trade fairs but for some reason
Pjur Med Vegan Glide Personal Lubricant
2015-10-27 10:57:26
After 20 years of producing lubricants you would think that the Pjur company would know a thing or two about intimate products, and you’d be right. During that time
Fun Factory Miss Bi Vibrator
2015-10-05 15:25:39
The “Der” range of vibrators continues with this the latest release from German manufacturers Fun Factory. This range offers double
Maro Kawaii 2 Vibrator
2015-09-26 18:18:48
The Maro Kawaii 2 Vibrator is one of a series of mini vibrators from Tokyo Design, Hong Kong. And for some reason I can’t help myself in wanting
How to Bring your Fifty Shades Fantasy to Life wit
2015-09-19 21:28:42
The Fifty Shades trilogy of steamy “mummy porn” books has well and truly put sex on the map for millions of couples worldwide. Retailers such as EdenFantasys enjoyed a huge surge in sales
Durex Play Warming Lube
2015-09-14 09:46:50
Durex is a name that everyone in the UK and beyond recognises, so when the company pushed out, beyond their core condom business into sexual
Ultimate Thrill Rabbit Vibrator
2015-09-06 20:20:23
Yes, we all know Durex, some of us grew up on them so to speak. Being the most recognised barrier contraception producer
Jimmyjane Form 5 Vibrator
2015-08-29 08:44:32
It seems like too long since Jimmjane released a new product on the market. I’m a big fan of their products because historically they
Toy Joy Designer Edition Bunii Vibrator
2015-08-21 22:52:16
The Toy Joy Bunii is nicely presented in a matt black case with over sized image of the product on the front, function icons
MyStim Tension Lover
2015-08-05 17:40:23
The MyStim Tension Lover is the electrical stimulation control box that sits
2X Double Ended Vibrator From Adrien Lastic
2015-07-26 22:42:35
I know I’m becoming repetitive here but I’m a fan of Adrien Lastic on many levels, foremost because of their imagination and creativity
Infinity Rippled Silicone Rechargeable G-spot Vibr
2015-07-19 01:36:42
Manufacturer NMC have been around in the sex toy arena for some time now so one can only assume that it’s because they make a good
Fun Factory Tiger G5 Vibrator
2015-07-12 09:16:27
It’s a while since I tested the Tiger G4 vibrator, just wait a minute while I check out just how long… …Boy, it was back in 2011.
Nina Hartley Fleshlight
2015-07-10 16:06:38
What do you do after a life in porn, advocacy of sexual freedom and playing “Hillary Rodham Clinton” in the spoof porn film “Who’s Nailin’ Palin?” … you get yourself made
Revel Body Sol Sonic Vibrator
2015-07-05 15:39:33
I spotted the Revel Body vibrator several years ago at the eroFame trade show and have absolutely no idea why I haven’t got around to testing
8ight Couple Toy by Fun Factory
2015-06-24 13:56:28
The 8ight Couple Toy is a silicone cock ring from the best known German sex toy manufacturer Fun Factory. The name of the toy
Minna Limon Vibrator
2015-06-10 20:19:21
I love Minna Limon vibrator’s packaging, I’m not sure if all their products come this way
Cocktagon Cock Ring from Rock Rings
2015-06-03 08:16:27
Not many cock rings make the grade here at Sex Toys Buzz. But the Cocktagon Cock Ring was one that did and to explain why
G-Wave Rabbit Vibrator From Adrien Lastic
2015-05-04 21:48:01
My enthusiasm for Adrien Lastic’s sex toys knows no bounds, just like the company’s imagination when it comes to designing pleasure
RO-Jira Vibrator by Rocks-Off
2015-04-24 22:08:41
It’s a while since I got my hands on a Rocks-Off so I‘m looking forward to trying this chunky love bullet. ;) And how clever are Rocks-Off for giving their “Monster” of
Spartacus R Vibrating Penis Sheath Review
2015-04-19 00:52:50
When I reviewed the original Spartacus Cock Ring I had a few reservations about it. When I first opened the box it looked a little over engineered and that is often a bad sign. However I tried it
Sliquid Organics Balance, Escape Massage Oil
2015-04-14 21:32:56
A bit of a mouthful I know. Sliquid tend to tend to do that with their products. Lol For the uninitiated, Sliquid produce a range of products which are sensitive to the environment
E-Stim Python Electo-Compression Device
2015-04-06 16:27:40
The E-Stim Python is an electro-compression device from E-Stim systems deisgned specifically to squash and apply a stimulating
Lelo Siri 2, Music Vibrator
2015-03-23 21:32:32
I’m a fan of Lelo, yes they’ve had a couple of misses over the years but overall they deliver…sexual thrills. The only other company
Devol Cock Ring
2015-03-15 14:57:58
The Devol Cock Ring from Adrien Lastic is as simple as a vibrating sex toy can be. That isn’t a criticism, I like simple because it means
If you have an Adult Blog/Sex Blog you need to be registered at Adult Blog Hub.
Whether you're into erotic stories, adult journals, images or video you'll find it here. We welcome everyone from vanilla to the kinkiest of kink, be that spanking, leather, BDSM, retifism or anything else. So long as it's safe, sane and consenting you can let the world know.
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