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Tenga 3D Spiral Masturbator
2012-10-10 12:57:05
In this sex toy review I’ll revisit a toy from a manufacturer I’ve experienced many times – Tenga. From their single-use toys to their more environmentally friendly reusable models they always
My Lover’s Wand Review
2011-06-20 13:04:49
My Lovers Wand from California Exotics is a no frills instrument of pleasure and when Bedtime Heaven sent it to me I couldn’t wait to see if it would grant me my wish.
Utopia Rabbbit Review
2010-04-05 21:41:56
I fancied an up and downer and asked for the professional help of Bedtime Heaven to select a good one for me. There are so many vibrators to choose from I am sometimes a little lost as to which to test drive.
Tenga Egg Review
2010-04-02 16:24:31
When I requested the Tenga Egg from Bedtime Heaven for review I was in for a bit of a shock. It arrived in the usual discrete plain envelope, but when I was handed it by the postman I thought he’d given me the wrong package.
Frozen Fountain Glass Butt Plug
2010-03-29 22:42:26
The glass butt plug sent to me by Nice Sex Toys is a genuinely marvelous object. Disregarding its function as a sex toy it could be a beautiful object d’arte for your living room.
Thai Anal Beads Review
2010-03-24 20:21:49
I didn’t expect Suze to object when I asked Nice Sex Toys to send me the Froggie Thai Beads for review. She does like shoving things up may ass. She enjoys seeing my reaction as first she eases a toy into me and then as she withdraws it.
Fleshlight Girls – Brooke Skye
2010-03-20 22:21:49
The people at Fleshlight have obviously realised that there’s a market out there for something a little more personal than their original range of masturbators.
Nexus O Review
2010-03-13 14:56:45
The Nexus O is one of the most unusual male sex toys available. Most prostate stimulators, including those from Nexus themselves are shaped as obviously insertable toys, often with contours
Ben Dover G-Spot Smoothie Review
2010-03-10 19:12:40
This is a first for me, I have never watched Ben Dover’s naughty productions or used any of his toys. In fact I don’t think I really noticed them until I spotted the G-Spot Smoothie
Devinn Lane’s Nipple Arousers Review
2010-03-06 22:41:59
My nipples are very sensitive to the touch and as a result I get a lot of pleasure from them being licked, sucked, tweaked and the odd ice cube rolled over them. Yum! So I decided that I would like to try some kink of the nipple toy variety.
Climax Burst Tingling Lube
2010-03-02 23:39:15
Alex and I went to bed absolutely I was going to say fucked, yes I suppose we were. Entertaining family over the holiday period had taken more out of us than we realised. I suppose it just creeps up on you
Lelo Bob Review
2010-02-24 18:54:40
The Lelo Bob is a very sophisticated butt plug aimed at the male market. It’s made from medical grade silicone and designed by Lelo, a company that seem to be cornering the market in elegant sex toys.
Breast Massager Review
2010-02-15 20:09:35
I’ve been looking around for nipple toys lately and I have to admit they are in short supply, once you have tried the nipple clamps and the suction cups
Lexi’s Pocket Pussy Review
2010-02-05 07:20:40
It’s not many guys that get to try out another woman’s vagina with the help of their partner. But I am one of those guys. This time it was the Lexi Pocket Pussy from Doc Johnson
Fetish Fantasy Beginner’s Strap-On Review
2010-01-29 19:44:07
Suze has developed a fascination with shoving things up my arse. You can see her video of this strap-on here. So the chance to try a Beginner’s Strap-On was an opportunity that she wasn’t about to pass up.
Allure Ultimate Leather Blindfold Review
2010-01-26 07:44:44
We aren’t into the BDSM scene as such but we do enjoy a little bondage/BDSM play from time to time. Our take on it is that it can add a deeper
The Pleasure Paddle Review
2010-01-22 14:27:21
The Pleasure Paddle from California Exotics is described as a toy for you and your lover to enjoy. Its shape suggests what the designers had in mind, but in the bedroom it transpires that it has far more uses
Benjamin Bond Vibrator Review
2010-01-18 23:47:42
I have a bit of thing at the moment about rechargeable toys, so when I spotted the lovely Benjamin Bond from Fun Factory I just had to offer him a home. And the lovely people
Japanese Bondage Rope Review
2010-01-15 07:29:53
Occasionally you feel that you need to expand the horizons of your relationship with your partner. Try something new, not always something exciting even
Internal Sensations From Doc Johnson Review
2010-01-10 08:53:03
… Every Now And Then I Like A Little Something Up My Ass I did try to be more concise with the header but this really does sum me up. Sometimes when Alex is fucking away
Fetish Fantasy Position Master Review
2010-01-06 18:06:09
Inflatable sex toys come in many forms. There’s the classic blow-up sex doll, novelty blow-up items, the Cupid’s Couch, and then there’s the Position Master, part of the Fetish Fantasy
VibroPod Review
2010-01-02 10:49:14
This past couple of weeks at work has been really busy and covering for Busty while she has been on her holidays has tired me out. So this evening when I got home I decided to chill out for a while before Alex got back from working late on a clien
Toy Joy Glass Worxx Diamond Dazzler Dildo
2009-12-29 12:51:04
Some things are meant to be shared but others are decadent little treats you don’t. The Glass Worxx Diamond Dazzler Dildo is one of those items that I couldn’t resist keeping all to myself.
Top Cat Toys Remote Control Vibrator
2009-12-23 06:51:43
A vibe is a vibe, I know you may be thinking that but this remote controlled vibrator is different to the conventional
Clone-A-Pussy Review
2009-12-19 17:52:32
Well Alex has tried it and now it’s my turn. Bedtime Heaven sent over the Clone-A-Pussy Kit for me to take a perfect replica of my fanny. I will be able to get close up and personal
Clone-A-Willy Kit Review
2009-12-15 07:01:19
The thought of preserving your cock in vibrator form for posterity may or may not appeal to you, but it certainly intrigues
Kama Sutra Earthly Delights Gift Tin
2009-11-24 10:02:55
From the moment I opened the beautifully decorated tin my senses were bombarded with exotic aromas filled with promise.
Tantus Motion Aluminium Dildo Review
2009-09-13 20:38:45
I’m going to have to stop coveting sex toys. Lol I saw the Tantus Alumina range of sex toys and I just had to have one. I had a word with Bedtime Heaven and they kindly sent one for me to test drive.
Tongue Joy Turbo Review
2009-08-26 22:40:34
When I saw this I just had to try it and Bedtime Heaven despatched it post haste. It is very innovative in design and concept. I couldn’t wait to give it a trial on Alex’s cock and my clit
Seven Creations Heavy Metal Butt Plug
2009-08-13 07:11:17
The Seven Creations Heavy Metal Butt Plug is very nice to hold, not too heavy or too big to be uncomfortable. A perfect combination of both size and weight to stimulate both the anus
Think Pink Cooling Massage Oil
2009-08-08 00:05:16
How To Bring Out The Whore In Me with Think Pink Cooling Massage Oil I ordered this from Bedtime Heaven thinking it would be a nice cooling and relaxing massage oil
Sportsheets 7 Piece Fantasy Restraint Kit
2009-08-04 22:33:23
We already have the under the bed restraint set from Sportsheets, also supplied by Bedtime Heaven, and have had some great fun with those, so I thought I would give this set a try.
Sportsheet, Under The Bed Restraint System
2009-07-25 08:33:38
We don’t live in a stately home, so we don’t have a wing full of spare rooms, or high ceilings. I mention this because if we did we’d probably have a playroom full of naughty equipment.
Devinn Lane’s Nipple Arousers Review
2009-07-20 11:37:02
My nipples are very sensitive to the touch and as a result I get a lot of pleasure from them being licked, sucked, tweaked and the odd ice cube rolled over them.
Climax Bursts Aphrodisiac Lube Review
2009-07-15 09:28:47
Tonight seemed like a good time to try out our new lube Climax Bursts Aphrodisiac Lubricant sent to us for thorough testing by my lovely friends
The Private Ultra Realistic Vibrating Dick by Doc
2009-07-02 08:17:26
The picture on the box certainly doesn’t do this vibrating dildo credit. I was pleasantly surprised when I removed it from the packaging. It was quite heavy and solid with very realistically shaped balls.
Nexus Gyro Review
2009-06-19 21:00:02
The Nexus Gyro is a prostate stimulator from the same people who brought you (amongst other toys) the Nexus Vibro that I have reviewed previously. Nexus obviously
Doc Johnson Wave Vibrator
2009-06-07 09:19:44
I must admit this toy caught my eye straight away when I saw it on Bedtime Heaven’s site and intrigued me enough to want to test drive it. It’s bright pink
Large Rubber Whip - Part 2
2009-05-31 23:30:06
SportSheets Rubber Whip from Alex Suze on Vimeo.The first half of this review of our large rubber whip from from Bedtime Heaven can be found here. Alex had something different in mind this weekend I could tell, he was walking around with a smile
Large Rubber Whip - Part 1
2009-05-21 17:52:06
This post is the first half of a review of this a toy (A large rubber whip from from Bedtime Heaven) and description of our continued sexual exploration
Crystal Clear Balls Anal Vibrator - Part 2
2009-05-09 15:43:38
Suze recently wrote about Crystal Clear Balls Anal Vibrator here, from her perspective. She has pointed out to me, repeatedly (LOL), that I should write about how it felt for me
Crystal Clear Balls Anal Vibrator - Part 1
2009-04-29 00:33:19
Alex passed me the new toy and the batteries for it, which were thoughtfully provided by Bedtime Heaven. I inserted them in to the battery housing and connected the lead to the Crystal Clear Balls Anal Vibrator, 9 inches of vibratory pleasure!
Toy Joy Twin Turbo Dolphin
2009-04-24 15:13:46
As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the lovely people over at Bedtime Heaven sent me a toy package containing two toys. The Cherry Nibbler was reviewed here and I must admit up to now was my favourite DIY orgasm inducer.
Toy Joy Cherry Blossom Nibbler
2009-04-19 14:18:21
Now what can I say about this little baby…fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkk! End of review. No seriously. When I first opened the packet for the Chrerry Blossom Nibbler
Vibrating Butt Plug With Wireless Remote
2009-04-12 09:58:35
To any man who hasn’t tried anal play I would say, try it. I’ve never tried it on my own, only with Suze, and this does add to the excitement for both participants.
Rude Boy Review
2009-03-21 15:54:27
There comes a time in every sex toy tester’s career when he is able to say with authority “In comparison with other prostate massagers
Doc Johnson Squirmy G-Spot Vibrator Review
2009-03-06 22:29:51
It’s quite and unassuming vibrator, the Japanese Squirmy from Doc Johnson and again the design and functionality did intrigue me. Now for the technical rundown on this rabbit vibrator:
The Doc Johnson, Vac-U-Lock E-Z Rider Rocker Revie
2009-02-22 18:14:45
Wow! That was a mouthful. This toy is unlike any other I have seen or tried and I just couldn’t wait to well…ride it. The image on box made me smile but I could tell it had great potential.
Doc Johnson’s UR3 Cock And Anus
2009-02-06 23:11:58
I was asked via email by one of our readers, Alicia, if I would consider reviewing this sex toy. I must admit when I followed the link in her email I was slightly taken aback.
Vibra Exciter Cock Ring Review
2009-01-28 23:25:16
Vibra Exciter vibrating cock ring is designed to be activated by the ringing of a mobile phone when it receives a text message or voice call. So it’s a toy that promises a great deal for naughty fun in public places, and yet there are so many potenti
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Whether you're into erotic stories, adult journals, images or video you'll find it here. We welcome everyone from vanilla to the kinkiest of kink, be that spanking, leather, BDSM, retifism or anything else. So long as it's safe, sane and consenting you can let the world know.
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