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Breaking In The Forty-Something Near Virgin
2014-06-30 13:14:21
Once there was a 19 year old boy who married a woman eighteen years older than him. When the boy was a 47 year old man working on an oil rig, his wife was 65 and he'd only ever slept with ONE woman. I decided to be the second woman he slept with and the deed took place in a cramped caravan with another couple present.
The Dangerous Blowjob Dilemma
2014-05-30 09:40:00
Who knew giving head could be dangerous??? A real sex story from One Woman regaling the conundrum of bedding an ugly guy. After he spent some time tending my pussy, I was then faced with the prospect of either giving him head or refusing to on the grounds that he wasn’t the prettiest boy in the playground. That I was locked all alone with him in a theatre made the situation very hazardous indeed.
Sex With A Comedian (It Wasn’t That Funny!)
2014-04-30 08:07:16
A little ditty about having sex with an up and coming comedian who made me feel ugly and loved at the same time. Good sex, but I didn't leave laughing.
The Barely Legal Cock That Made Me Celibate
2014-04-01 14:42:16
There once was a gorgeous Irish 18 year old Catholic boy on a bachelor party in London who crossed paths with an experienced 24 year old, sexually insatiable Australian. One cheesy chat up line and they were in bed together but what happened next...?
How Old Is Too Old For Sex? 2 (a 60 plus with hip
2014-03-03 19:11:09
This post I delve into the shady realms of just how old is too old for sex. As a near thirty something woman was shagging a posh British school teacher taking it a step to far. Should the fact he had a hip replacement and dodgy leg have alerted me to an unforgettable (for all the wrong reasons) experience.
The Antipodean Affair (Sampling New Zealand Nookie
2014-02-01 12:46:44
A journey exploring a sexual adventure with a married man from New Zealand (who lived with his wife ten doors down from my house) involving some steamy antics in a garage.
The Imaginary Threesome – Fooled Again
2013-11-01 13:37:42
Real Sex Story: One normal girl, one hot part-time student model and his dull, boring, attractive friend. All the ingredients you need to brighten up a Wednesday afternoon at 2pm. How could it all go wrong?
Playing With Young Gay Love – What Cougar can turn
2013-10-16 12:31:15
Real Sex Story: On the verge of turning 30 and having befriended a beautiful teen Irish model new in London. My efforts to assist him rub in tanning lotion had me partaking in some barely legal fun with a sexually confused gorgeous boy.
Romeo, Romance & Reality (Reasons Not To Shag Your
2013-10-01 17:21:59
Real Sex Story: One young female theatre manager in London's West End exploring her sexuality via her bar staff - more than sexual lessons learnt.
The Asian Persuasion 2: A Taste Of Barely Legal In
2013-05-31 13:00:12
Hitting thirty (Cougar Town!) with the rise of internet dating proved very beneficial to my insatiable appetite for younger men and in particular those teenage boys of the asian persuasion.
The Language Of Lust (Real Sex In Amsterdam)
2013-05-17 08:37:02
Real sex story: One beer festival in town, one lost Australian, one sexy Dutch hunk and some public sex on a pier with full exposure to anyone wanting to watch.
Saucy Outdoor Sex With South London’s Sweetest Dru
2013-05-03 03:20:34
Freedom is thrust upon us in our late teens and early twenties, so which wanton and c@ck hungry woman with an insatiable sexual appetite would pass up the opportunity to get down and dirty on the grass for some midnight adult play next to a caravan where the guy's family sleeps innocently as he shags filthily.
Anal Sex Adventures Gone Wrong
2013-04-18 18:32:57
I had a plan to try and sleep with a man from every country in the world. I lured my South African via cyber sex to my London bedsit with the promise of him losing his anal virginity. It worked in that I had sex with a South African and could check off that box, but the price my bottom had to pay with his inexperience was memorable and kinda sexy.
Barely Legal 5 – Public Teen Sex On A Staircase
2013-04-04 19:26:39
Me at 30 years old having a one night stand with a 19 year old on a staircase with public access on a cold night in Romford, Essex. It may sound uncomfortable but it was distinctly sexy and allowed for a lot of supported positions for some deep penetrative sex.
Can forced sex be sexy????
2013-03-21 18:17:24
A one night online stand gone wrong with a young woman and a very old man. Is this a sexy read or not?
Celebrity Sex On The Beach
2013-01-24 15:47:06
Ever fancied sex (on the beach or anywhere come to that) with a celebrity? I think most people have. Few of us get to fulfill that fantasy. So what about the next best thing - sex with a lookey likey. It fills a hole in more than one way.
Festive Fu*king 3 – Christmas C*ck (The stuffing a
2013-01-10 11:27:19
A final post to wrap up the festive season as the January blues set in. Be warned this story contains some seriously drunken and debaunched behaviour and unless you are into some serious smut and filth you may wanna give this real sex story a miss. Filthy but not for the faint hearted.
Festive Fu*king 2 – The New Year’s Nightmare (Will
2012-12-27 09:12:10
Is Christmas sex better than New Year's sex. Read about a few of my more interesting real sex experiences over my slutty behaviour whilst taking in 100 cocks over my twenties. Festive Fun for Everyone!
The Sex Tape Conversations (Part 2)
2012-12-13 10:42:43
A real life conversation between myself and my husband looking at real sex including multiple orgasms, anal stretching, the difficulty in vigourous sex sessions, gagging to the point of vomiting during blow jobs, tea bagging and scrotum tucks.
LIMITED EDITION – Exclusive Erotica Urban Fairytal
2012-12-05 01:42:35
More Taschen than Page 3 expect a smoother, sexier, subtler, more imaginative look to the girls on display from this up & coming photographer. If you want more than tits 'n' ass & prefer a HOT Australian homoerotic lesbian urban fairytale them to get you through next year check out this exclusive limited run 2013 calendar.
Barely Legal 4 - The Teensum Threesome
2012-11-29 12:17:19
REAL SEX STORY - My attempt at a threesome aged 30 with a lovely 17 year old boy thrown into the mix. Getting down and dirty on the kitchen floor. Oh to be young again.
Squid Eye – sexual mishaps discovered in youthful
2012-11-15 12:39:53
Real sex with a very hot Asian PE teacher, sadistic sexual practises, a bad case of 'Squid Eye' and other sexy but embarassing moments in bed.
Love ‘em & Leave ‘em ‘gagging’ for more – The Smoo
2012-11-01 13:21:58
A real life sex story about some alfresco play (think cocktails, think 'sex on the beach) with a smooth operator who had some slick moves to get me wet.
Real Sex with a Porn Star – the man named 'Fox Tuc
2012-10-18 15:41:33
Yeah you read it here. One night in Great Yarmouth, I meet a man named Fox, he works in porn and to read all about my personal sexual encounter check out the link.
A Gay Old Time (My first time sex with someone Bi-
2012-10-04 11:44:22
Trying to get a gay man to turn (or return) back to snatchville. Another real life sex story about my experience of taking home a bi-curious man and what the sex was like...what it's like to have someone explore a foreign body. Good sex with some rather fetish-esque moments.
Barely Legal 3 – Avoiding jailbait (a very sexy cl
2012-09-20 21:23:56
So one fateful night I was feeling saucy and sordid in a naughty nightclub and had the opportunity to perform publicly; only the boy i focussed my oral attentions was NOT 19 after all - oops!
Having Sex When Babysitting (should you have sex w
2012-09-06 17:47:14
Kind of all in the title - a little saucy insight into how to conduct a sex life when you share a room with a teenage boy.
Fat Sex – (online ‘dating’ and the fake photograph
2012-08-09 15:52:25
There's all kinds of sex out there and all kinds of fetish, but this fortnight's article focusses on fat sex. Think Big Beautiful Women (BBW) or fat slobbish men - turn on or turn off? When your first experience with fat sex is down to a fake photo scam on an online sex site be prepared to be shocked...
EXTREME REAL SEX - More seriously filthy sex from
2012-07-27 16:25:19
If you are into some seriously depraved sx from sub/dom scenarios, dirty cocks, whore collars, watersports, anal stretching, throat fucking and more - check out this real life sexcapades.
Some seriously filthy sex from a drug fuelled nigh
2012-07-12 12:16:12
If you're looking for creative, hard core, depraved sex you need to read this post. Everything from fu*king a guy with a strapless strap on to using a funnel and tubing to p!ss up someone's @arse. This post is not for the faint hearted but will turn you on.
Swedish Sex (hard core porn style sex or just a my
2012-06-28 15:38:43
A virgin's tale of experiencing sex in Sweden – oh but what a loss of innocence. Beautiful people, raving clubs, hard core porn, orgies, swinging and dispelling the myth of one of the sexiest nations.
Ugly Sex (so wrong that it’s right)
2012-06-14 15:58:54
When I was young, gorgeous and in my early twenties it somehow seemed a good idea to sleep with a 5'2, buck toothed, greasy blonde mulleted man with one leg shorter than the other. Weirdly the sex was hot! Read it I swear it's filthy and sexy...
Barely Legal 2 – Oriental Sex With A Sixth Form Bo
2012-05-31 11:43:35
When you're a 28 year old woman there's something kind of hot knowing that the guy you are fucking is wearing a uniform from Monday to Friday – that is a 17 year old boy wearing his Sixth Form school uniform. Very naughty but still acceptable and appropriate. Teaching this type of youngster can be very hard work with a lot of embarrassing mishaps, but what else can you expect from an inexperienced teen.
How Old Is Too Old For Sex? (Fu*king A Grandfather
2012-05-17 14:32:46
Read about how I fucked a guy 30 years plus my senior. Him in his sixties and me in my twenties - wrong, right or sexy???
Barely Legal - Sex With A Sweet Sixteen Boy
2012-05-03 13:15:01
A thirty year old woman taking the virginity of a sweet sixteen - sexy and hot.
The Sex Tape Conversations (Part One)
2012-04-19 17:12:58
A transcribed conversation between me and my boyfriend after a down and dirty sex session looking at ice lollies, anal sex and some fetish (a misadventure with poo/scat). Funny and filthy.
Easter Erotica (3 men, 3 nights and a sexual kidna
2012-04-05 16:37:01
A story of fucking three different men over three different nights and being kidnapped on a one night stand.
Proposed Bestiality, Inadvertent Indecent Exposure
2012-03-22 13:28:05
A recount of some of the more unusual, embarrassing and filthy requests I've encountered in my current relationship. A little extreme but all good fun.
Pregnancy, Punching, Poo & Other Pitfalls from a O
2012-03-08 15:48:07
The title speaks for itself -debacles from playing the field
Paying The Price Of Lust (a story of abstinence &
2012-02-23 16:27:13
The story of my one night stand with a Canadian (who had a dick the size of a donkey) and ended up stealing from my flat.
Dog Out, Dick Bent (fame, fairgrounds and bendy co
2012-02-09 17:01:21
Anyone fancy reading about how to deal with a very bent penis and a semi famous shag from a very normal girl, check out this post.
Faking It! (a sticky sandpit & a cold kebab )
2012-02-02 16:39:36
First time faking an on the beach!
'How Sex Works - Playing the Field' (that was the
2012-01-23 14:49:53
'My Story' from TVs sex season.
A very tame beginning - woof
2012-01-05 13:29:17
How I lost my virginity - it wasn't to a dog, he was just watching it happen
How I didn't cum to lose my anal virginity
2012-01-05 13:27:30
My first botched, amateurish, youthful but failed attempt at anal sex
The ‘Slutty Value System’ or ‘A Slut’s Tangent’
2012-01-05 13:25:48
A little insight into how I fucked over 100 men and what kind of things I've got up to.
Trumpet David – A Cautionary Tale
2012-01-05 13:24:02
Bedroom etiquette - the neccessity of it when embarking on a one night stand
Getting Wet at the Seaside – not quite what I firs
2012-01-05 13:22:52
My first introduction to watersports - ina tent
A vagina’s tale – ‘the highs and lows of just one
2012-01-05 13:21:28
What happens to your sex life when you enter a fully committed relationship
South London's House of Sodom
2012-01-05 13:18:09
How I lost my anal virginity.
If you have an Adult Blog/Sex Blog you need to be registered at Adult Blog Hub.
Whether you're into erotic stories, adult journals, images or video you'll find it here. We welcome everyone from vanilla to the kinkiest of kink, be that spanking, leather, BDSM, retifism or anything else. So long as it's safe, sane and consenting you can let the world know.
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