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The Marrieds and the Singles (Everybody Drinks)
2015-07-29 17:10:47
I'm too old, too single, and too ambitious to have friends. Luckily, everybody drinks.
Drunk Email
2015-07-14 12:52:14
I drunk emailed the boy. Things aren't going well.
True Sadism
2015-07-12 19:42:21
Real sadists™ don’t need fetishy torture tools, expensive equipment, or elaborate sexy plans.
Essential Differences
2015-06-27 16:08:41
He imagines sexy things, and I imagine ridiculous things. This is one of our essential differences.
Dream Crayons
2015-06-23 16:05:45
My subconscious can't do anything with sad, angry emotions.
You Fucked Up: How to Apologize (And Mean It)
2015-06-01 16:24:25
you fucked up: how to apologize (and mean it)
Relaxing Soak in a Mild Bleach Solution
2015-05-24 17:50:30
I'm trying to learn how to relax.
Allusion and Appropriation
2015-05-20 15:52:52
KinkBNB draws on the leather pride culture's symbols. Is it an allusion or an appropriation?
Q & A: Vampire Gloves, Dumb Ideas, and Sub Tests
2015-05-15 14:45:17
Advice on buying vampire gloves, obedience training, and how to know if you're submissive.
KinkBNB: Airbnb for Kinky Fuckers
2015-05-12 14:14:58
KinkBNB is a home-sharing and lodging service for kinky people looking for BDSM rental properties and vacations.
Sub Before Domme? Vanilla Before Kink?
2015-05-11 14:13:26
Do you have to learn to be a good submissive before you can become a good dominant? Do you have to master vanilla relationships before you have a kinky one?
Sure, Women Are Beautiful (But What Else?)
2015-03-12 15:11:49
Are women more than are selfies? Do we aspire to more than beauty? I hope so.
Strategically Targeting BDSM Newbies
2015-03-07 00:57:34
Whiplr effectively targets BDSM novices and kink newbies with promises of a safe community, education, and mentorship. Unfortunately, effectiveness does not mean ethics.
Whiplr: The App for Kinky Fuckery
2015-03-04 02:38:42
Whiplr, the kinky Tinder app for finding BDSM play partners. There are a lot of kinks to work out.
Kiss Nice
2015-02-22 15:39:11
I tell him to "kiss nice." He owes me a lifetime of kisses, but I want them right now.
Drunken Impulse Buys
2015-02-20 22:46:04
I got drunk and bought stupid shit.
Your Arguments Suck: Fifty Shades Edition
2015-02-17 03:07:27
The Fifty Shades of Grey novels and film don't piss me off, but the arguments surrounding it do.
What Is This Thing?
2015-01-15 02:40:20
Help me... in two sentences or less.
Experiment in Stealth Submission: Wife to Domme?
2015-01-03 20:05:41
Husbands, stealth submission is not a good way to get your wife to dominate you.
Champagne Alone
2015-01-03 01:33:34
I'm spending New Year's Eve alone for the first time in a while. I miss him... and I miss the sex.
2014-12-30 03:13:44
Worship at her altar.
Mismatched, Misfit, and Merry
2014-12-28 19:07:58
I had a mismatched, misfit, and merry christmas. Hope your holiday was just as lovely.
Don't Have a Blue Christmas
2014-12-24 18:07:55
What's on your kinkmas tree? I've got buttplugs, cock locks, nipple clamps, and a partridge in a pear tree.
BDSM Is Dirty?: 50 Shades of I Don't Give a Fuck
2014-12-19 14:05:49
Jamie Dornan felt dirty after observing play in a BDSM dungeon. Is that insulting?
Jian Ghomeshi and a Critique of BDSM Defenses
2014-11-27 03:33:11
A criticism of the various BDSM defenses written in the wake of the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault allegations.
I Don't Wanna Be a Cuckold!
2014-11-25 01:19:12
Does femdom lead to cuckolding? What happens if you don't want to be your Dominant Wife's bitch boy?
DIY Erotic Electrostimulation (e-stim)
2014-11-19 16:03:39
Information and advice on DIY e-stim that is cheap, easy, and ill-advised.
Squeaky Sneezes and Monkey Buttsex
2014-11-19 15:49:06
I answer questions about passion, friendship, dead bodies, and monkey butt sex.
Daydream: Leaving Town
2014-10-27 13:26:41
I've been daydreaming about leaving and taking him with me.
Advice: Experienced Slave and Novice Domme
2014-10-27 00:17:55
I'm an experienced submissive, but she's a new domme. What should I expect?
Submission as a Gift?: Maledoms vs. Femdoms
2014-10-19 15:17:35
Is submission a gift? And why do male dominants value female submissives more than femdommes value malesubs?
Spit Diamonds
2014-10-18 00:24:58
If I didn't hold back, I might spit diamonds.
Domme Problems: Take Dictation, Please
2014-10-15 13:30:26
I'm pretty sure my dictation program is fucking with me.
Writing (About) Women's Bodies
2014-10-09 13:18:12
Commentary following the leak of stolen celebrity nude photos show that cultural attitudes towards women are changing for the better.
Breaking Up (The Collar), Part 2
2014-09-02 00:17:23
I gave one of the rings to him to hold onto for me. If our paths ever cross again, I want to put the rings back on the collar and the collar back on the boy -- my boy.
Compound Fubar = Clusterfuck
2014-08-30 00:14:03
I've been having a rough time recently. I'm not sure what to say about it.
Breaking Up (The Collar), Part 1
2014-08-14 00:46:20
In BDSM, kinky arts and crafts require bolt cutters and lots of cocktails. Also, I'm drunk.
Not Handling This Well
2014-08-14 00:30:38
I hoped I would handle this with grace and composure. I'm not.
He Doesn't Swallow
2014-08-10 00:08:46
He spits and sucks, but he will not swallow.
Good Sex, Bad Metaphors
2014-08-09 00:15:03
The breakup sex is amazing, but I'm really bad with metaphors for it.
Our Collar
2014-08-06 19:56:21
We're breaking up. I can't throw my submissive's collar away and I can't give it to him. Instead, I'll make it into something else.
D/s Breakup: What To Do With Submissive's Collar?
2014-08-03 23:31:01
What happens to a D/s collar after a breakup? Does the dominant keep it? The submissive? I finally figured it out.
In Defense of (Mostly) Infallible Memory
2014-08-01 21:14:21
My memory is great. I remember things in our relationship that didn't even happen.
All the Sex Things
2014-07-30 15:42:13
My submissive and I are just getting good at sex, but I still need advice for how to talk dirty.
A Proud Man
2014-07-28 01:11:21
My submissive bends to my will and my desire. He is pliant and willing. I am wanting.
Topical Whiplash and Interminable D/s Breakup
2014-07-23 03:57:18
Prepare for diverse topics and the longest breakup ever. Don't like it? Don't read it.
Angry Emo Butt Sex
2014-07-21 23:53:29
Pegging my submissive boy, I broke down and cried -- wearing nothing but a bra and bright blue cock.
Beautiful While It Lasted
2014-07-15 15:17:15
We knew it would either burn up or come down in a ball of flames.
Dealing With Dominant Desires: Guilt and Shame
2014-07-13 15:30:59
How does a female domme deal with dominant, sadistic sexual desires?
Domme Problems: Defective Minions
2014-07-10 10:13:16
Domme problems and shit dommes say when they have problems with defective minions.
If you have an Adult Blog/Sex Blog you need to be registered at Adult Blog Hub.
Whether you're into erotic stories, adult journals, images or video you'll find it here. We welcome everyone from vanilla to the kinkiest of kink, be that spanking, leather, BDSM, retifism or anything else. So long as it's safe, sane and consenting you can let the world know.
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