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What Is Sex-Press?

Sex-Press is a blog directory for Sex-Blogs. A blogger can submit any number of blog feeds to the directory using our registration screen. Put a link to Sex-Press on your site and when your feed has been checked your posts will appear on the Sex-Press listings. You will also appear on our Sex-Press blogroll.

Submitting a blog does not mean it will be accepted. Sex-Press is for blogs that are not set up purely for commercial reasons. We don't mind a few adverts, after all a lot of bloggers work very hard on their sites and earning a little coin while you are at it is not a problem. However if your site is all about making money for you with no creative intent and content then don't bother submitting your feed.

What Kind Of Feeds Can I Submit?

Sex-Press will read feeds from most sex blogs if they are published in RSS or Atom format. Blogger and WordPress blogs usually publish one, other or both of these formats.

How Does It Work?

Once submitted your feed will be automatically scanned so when you post a short extract of that post will appear on our listings with a link to the post and your site - without any intervention from you. You will also appear on our Blogroll.

The main Sex-Press page shows posts from the last 48 hours.

The Blogroll shows sites that have published within the last 5 days and all the posts collected by the Sex-press sex blog feed reader are stored in our archives so visitors to the site can find you in there too.

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