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Posts On 5 December 2013

  Running, harder, faster, don’t look, just run. Ribs ache, my face stings as twigs lash and slap, stinging as tears blind my eyes. Escape pounds in my thoughts, nothing else. Fear pushing and ...
posted on Malflic - Kink, Erotica, & Humor 05/12/2013 14:57:52

I miss the feeling of steel encircling my neck. The weight of it made it difficult for me to sleep on my back, and I still have difficulty sleeping that way, even though it has now been over nine mont...
posted on Purveyor of Pleasure 05/12/2013 13:07:38

Continued from… Erotic massage date (3) This, I knew, was His permission for me to go along with whatever would happen next. I lay down next to Master B, feeling very self-conscious and not know...
posted on Rebel's Notes 05/12/2013 05:00:03

About ten years ago, I flew to LA and had a fun weekend with a dominant guy. He told me, before I arrived, that I’d feel more like a submissive slut than ever before. So that was fun. Truly, it ...
posted on Sadey Quinn - BDSM erotica 05/12/2013 04:22:43
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