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Posts On 28 December 2013

I have created a new site at tumblr as a place where I can reblog photos graphic and other things I find on the internet.  If you peeps want to take a look at it This Is The Link.  I wi...
posted on Walk on the Wild Side 28/12/2013 18:48:00

Author’s note:  This is episode eight and the finale of Welcome To My Bubble. Unlike the other pieces in this set, there is no historical reference here…however, upon finish reading this...
posted on Stranded in Toronto 28/12/2013 13:00:59

Here I go again, talking about the quality and image of the packaging from Adrien Lastic, I know I’m becoming repetitive when it comes to my enthusiasm for their finesse which carries through to the...
posted on Sex Toys Buzz 28/12/2013 09:15:03

Questions from readers, no mucking about, let’s get to it! __ Met a Domme, dated briefly, she wanted to be friends, I proposed a D/s relationship, she said she’d consider it, we engaged in...
posted on Domme Chronicles 28/12/2013 07:30:48
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