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Posts On 26 December 2013

This morning, I babbled like a besotted schoolboy. Embarrassing in retrospect. I mean, all good intentions. Just…wow, what a sap I was. Belle’s continued to leave me in the Steelheart. Usu...
posted on Denying Thumper 26/12/2013 17:18:39

Sharing more Christmas photos on this second day of Christmas celebrations.            (click to enlarge & browse) Enjoy your day! © Rebel’s Notes Copyright © 2009-2013 Rebel's N...
posted on Rebel's Notes 26/12/2013 05:00:54

Merry Christmas. I’m a bit rusty so this is just to get me back into the swing of things. – She was going to hell. The special corner where car salesmen and straw market hawkers go. The th...
posted on Cara Thereon 26/12/2013 02:47:20

A Christmas free of worry while I enjoy my son’s […]...
posted on A True Unfolding 26/12/2013 01:02:21
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