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Posts On 1 December 2013

I went a month before my nightmares started up again. thirty days of undisturbed sleep where I talked myself into believing the change of scenery had “cured” me. That’s what I wanted...
posted on Cara Thereon 01/12/2013 21:16:33

It occurred to me recently that it's possible to download soft porn without paying for it - even full movies. After all, that's what I did with Emmanuelle in Space. This may not be so much of an ethic...
posted on Innocent Loverboy 01/12/2013 17:27:00

On this thanksgiving weekend, I would like to dedicate this Bollywood song to a single quality, that I feel makes life worth living for all of us. Without it, our lives would be barren and filled with...
posted on Desi Daasi 01/12/2013 16:59:00

We played around with different ideas and a toy train…            (click to enlarge & browse) … and found the perfect Christmas song to go with our favorite idea, where the train...
posted on Rebel's Notes 01/12/2013 05:00:51

or The Pen of Good and EvilOne of the things that greatest impacted my writing process as a young lad was a scene from the movie Finding Forrester. Sean Connery, the wise, ancient writer, says to the ...
posted on 01/12/2013 03:25:50
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