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Adult Blog Hub is a free adult/sex blog listing site. All that we require from members is that they link back to us as follows.


If you intend to use our posting facilities to publicise your work you will need to include a link back to the the ABH site.

If you fail to link from a site or remove a link from a site at some point in the future your site will be deactivated until the link is restored. It is your responsibility to ensure links are present and should they become deleted for some reason you should inform us when you have re-added them to your site so we can reactivate you on Adult Blog Hub

How Our Listings Work

In general terms our listings allow you to promote your site either by registering your blog and the posts you write on it for others to browse and search. You add one or more sites, then you add any number of blog posts to the site or sites you have registered.

Frequent posting works best as this ensures you are at the top of the listings on our front page.

You can also choose to join our toplist. Do this by adding a "Toplist Description" to any of your sites. Then add the appropriate link to your site to allow the clicks of users who browse from your site to ours to count as "Votes" and thus increase your rankings on our toplist. To make your entry on the toplist more attractive and thereby encourage visitors to our site to click through to you it is also possible to add a banner image by inserting a "Banner URL" for your site. You will have to host that image yourself.

In either case ensure that you always have the correct links as described above to ensure you are not excluded from any section of our listings.


Sex-Press is a section on our site that reads your posts as you publish them automatically via an RSS feed and adds links to them on our site.

Although this means you do not have to record each post it does mean you are unable to add tags, give the posts a hand-crafted description and you cannot choose which posts should appear in the listing and which posts should not.

If you register and are accepted to Sex-Press you will need to add the additional Sex-Press links. You can find details of how to do this in the Sex-Press section of our site.

Terms & Conditions Of Use

Full Terms And Conditions can be found here. Please read them before you sign up for any of our services.