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Required Links Back To Adult Blog Hub

Adult Blog Hub is a free adult/sex blog listing site. All that we require is that members link back to us as follows.

  • If you intend to use our posting facilities to record your posts for our visitors to search and view you will need to include a link back to the relevant section of the ABH site.
  • If you are a user of the Toplist you will need to have an additional link from your site to the Toplist section to ensure that when a reader from your site clicks through to our Toplist a vote is recorded, thereby increasing your ranking on the list.

If you fail to link or remove a link at some point in the future your blog's registration pertinent to that link will be deactivated until the link is restored.

You can read more about the recent changes to the required links here.

Members of Adult Blog Hub can obtain link codes for their blogs by logging in to their account here, then clicking the links icon next to each of their blogs.

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