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Since April 2006 Adult Blog Hub has been a place for creative people to showcase their work to others. We have never asked for detailed personal information about our users, simply asked that you play nicely and don't do anything illegal under the laws of the United Kingdom. Nor have we tracked what our visitors do on our site or what links they follow.

However, on 25 May 2018 new rules come in to force that mean we have to review whether we continue to maintain Adult Blog Hub. The European Union GDPR directive means that the way in which we store information about you and the way in which we would have to regularly email you to gain your consent would be incompatible with our current policies - that is, we don't ask you to reveal your identity to us because, well, thats your business.

Later in the year we may fall under the new proof of age regulations too, adding more costs to our operation and meaning you have to hand over information about yourself.

The extra administrative load and technical investment we would have to make to comply with these new laws would lead to us having to charge a subscription. Sadly we don't envisage that business model working.

We have therefore come to the very difficult decision to shut the site down on 23 May 2018.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who has contributed to this site over the years. It's been fun.

The ABH Team

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I love phone sex , you can call my anytime , I will always be ready to handle your needs. visit my caller page for a good time :) or stick around to read my blogs
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I am kinky all over I love everything love dominate/submission Love anal and love role playing
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Love Netflix and Hulu , I binge every show they have but who doesn’t .
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My erotic blog & the guide to your satisfaction
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