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Zara User Profile For Zara
Member since : 22/12/2017   Profile Views 34
I'm a 36 year old female from Australia. I began my sex blog in 2017 to share sex toy reviews and post about sexual health and related topics. Having had worked in the sex industry and with a love of writing I thought I'd give blogging a go. I've been experimenting with different posts and participating in meme challenges which has led to me starting to try my hand at erotic fiction. In 2018 I will be focusing on writing more reviews and better quality posts. I'll be offering my services as a freelancer and hope to begin a reviewers round up site for people to submit their reviews and connect with others. I'd like my site to be more of a community where people can feel safe to talk. Writing different post types is helping me to get an idea of what I will focus on in future and I hope the practice will help me improve my writing so I can build a better blog.
Zara's Kinks
Toys, toys and more toys. BDSM (light-moderate,) spanking, whips, cuffs, submission mostly. Dirty talk is a new one. Lingerie. Some porn.
Zara's Interests
Zara's Music
Zara's Literature
Anything! Shantaram is my all time favorite book. Currently reading several books at once.
Zara's Media
Game of Thrones, Shameless UK version, Misfits, Weeds, So many good shows, too many to list.
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