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Member since : 06/10/2017   Profile Views 59
Lifestyle Blogger, Author of Erotic short stories, male exhibitionism, alternate sexualities, sexual fetishism
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  Added 06/10/2017  Posts Registered 5
Male exhibitionist adventures, behaviors, motivations, desire
Latest Posts on Naked Addiction
Caught Climbing Pole Naked  Added 06/10/2017
Obsession with climbing poles naked for sexual pleasure, humiliation when caught
Group Show Surprise  Added 11/10/2017
Female cleaning crew open drapes are shocked at what they see continue to watch kinky masturbation technique
I Saw You  Added 15/10/2017
A point of no return is reached. Humiliation is felt only after ejaculation and embarrassment
Beginning Life Drawing students learn to draw male model in the nude. Nude model booked for the entire semester starts out perfectly. Then the erections during poses are becoming so common the drawings they are included in drawings. Exhibitionists dream come true.
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