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Member since : 16/06/2017   Profile Views 528
I'm Joanne, the writer, editor, re-editor, spelling corrector and creator of a blog that I hope will help people as I share my personal experiences of the products you see on this site. I am very sexually liberated and have my kinks, the biggest of which I am sharing on this site and that is my love of mechanical sex. Yes I like fucking machines. I am a married mother of two who is in her 40's. I could definitely be described as a 'Cougar' or 'MILF', I decided to grab the bull by the horns and do something different with my spare time - hence this blog. I have absolutely no writing qualifications or for that matter experience so this site is going to be a steep learning curve for me. I hope you bear with me and stick in there as I think that it will be a fun place to visit. This is my first blog but my sexual journey has been a long one indeed. I used to be a good girl but now I love it a little kinky. I have had my ups and downs like everyone else but every setback that I have encountered has made me stronger and more determined to be open about my sexuality. My body has had its knocks and dinks over the years and I struggle with mild arthritis in my hands and wrists which is one of the reasons why I enjoy using sex machines so much - they are hands free. I often provide pretty graphic accounts of what I get upto whilst doing reviews so they are not for the shy but if I like something I say so and if I don't like something then I will tell you why. I am in absolute awe of some of the bigger sex bloggers out there and hope to forge links and friendships with them as I progress along this long road that is ahead of me. What do I hope to achieve with this blog? Well I hope firstly to be able to help others expand their sexual knowledge and experiences and I hope that along the road I can become a better person for doing so. I love writing sex toy reviews and intend to highlight the excitement and enjoyment that sex and fucking machines and their dildos can bring to your sex life. I am really looking forward to any comments that I get so don't be shy, let me know what you think good and bad.
Joannes Reviews's Kinks
I love fucking machines, electrosex or e-stim, vibrators, dildos and anything sextoy related. I am also into BDSM fun and games
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  Added 16/06/2017  Posts Registered 83
I absolutely love to review sextoys and promote sex techniques in some pretty kinky areas. If you are curious about sex machines or e-stim then definitely check my site out
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Now I do enjoy a good bit of strapon fuckery but the thought of doing it without the need to wear a harness and to have it give me pleasure as I was dolling it out really piqued my interest.
For years I shied away from having anal sex, telling myself that it was too painful and that it wasn't for me. Then I did something about it...
2B E-stim Control Unit Review  Added 21/06/2017
I spent three months getting to know this amazing electrosex control box and it has delivered countless hands free orgasms for me. Read my review to see just what I like about it and how I like using it.
If you fancy giving BDSM a try, here are some helpful pointers regarding bondage. Go on explore your kinky side
I think that the Aslan Leather Driver Strap On Harness is a fantastic harness for anyone looking for a string and sturdy harness that is also soft against the skin and with the capability of taking different sized 'O' rings.
A great silicone rabbit vibe that can be controlled over the internet from afar. You can even use it with audio books for some kinky reading time...
The Wild Rabbit is a cracking vibrator that delivers deep rumbly vibes with its three motors. Check out what I thought of it...
The Moaner is a very aptly named electrode from E-Stim Systems and I love using it as the sensations it generates are pretty intense
I am always getting asked where the best positions for estim electrodes are and so I wrote this NSFW guide...
I had a lot of fun reviewing this vibrating cock ring that features two powerful vibes one for clitoral stimulation and one for internal stimulation
This toy was designed for clitoral use and it is in this mode that it works best. It's cheap, cheerful, body safe, damn effective and for only 3 it's a real winner. Everyone should have one for those moments when you just need some extra stimulation.
This is one huge insertable electrode and I could only enjoy it vaginally. It feels amazing though, stretching me to the max...
A cock ring with a difference, not only will it aid harder and longer erections but it is an e-stim electrode for cock zapping fun
This huge horses cock is made my Mr Hankeys Toys and I could hardly use the small, it is just too big. I really enjoyed it on my fucking machine though
This ladies and gentlemen is one of the oldest of self doubt questions and it's right up there with the other classics such as "Is my dick big enough? (for the guys of course)" and "Does my bum look big in this? (for me when I buy a new dress)".
Lets face it the Sybian can really make you squirt and this cover is made out of incredible material and it is washing machine friendly making clean up a breeze. Protect your Sybian
This BDSM fantasy kit is great value for money and the quick release restraints give you lots of play opportunities and they are also very safe to use.
Have a problem storing your BDSM equipment when travelling? Check out this great kit bag.
The Pleasurenana from IMToys is a male masturbator shaped in the form of a banana, it features two orifices for lots of stroking fun
Size isn't everything, right? Well it's true, this short sampler rope is very useful in the bedroom and is an ideal addition to anyone kink bag