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C.Poly User Profile For C.Poly
Member since : 15/10/2016   Profile Views 1074
I am C. Poly, owner, and author of Poly Love & Sex. I have been writing reviews since 2012 and writing about sex on and off since 2014. I am a nerdy woman in my mid 20's. I enjoy reading, writing, playing PC games, and watching sci-fi and fantasy TV shows.
C.Poly's Kinks
My kinks are to be discovered. I plan on writing about these as I discover them. As of now, they consist of sensory deprivation, vaginal stretching, and bondage.
C.Poly's Interests
C.Poly's Music
C.Poly's Literature
Oh lawt. This list is long. I looove reading. Mostly young adult, sci-fi, fantasy, etc, etc.
C.Poly's Media
Doctor Who, Supernatural, New Girl, Lost Girl, The 100, House MD, Pretty Little Liars, Torchwood, soooo many.
Sites Registered To C.Poly
  Added 16/10/2016  Posts Registered 23
If you love relationships, sex, and mental health, you'll love Poly Love & Sex. I guarantee unbiased reviews and looks into the sex industry, raw peeks into my life as a polyamorous, bisexual woman, and glimpses into the dark twisted mind that I call home.
Latest Posts on Poly Love & Sex
5 Unique Ways to Do Kegels  Added 25/10/2016
5 different ways to do kegels rather than the sit and squeeze method.
Review of the Siren Vibrating Silicone Dildo, sponsored by Goodvibes.
Interview with Myself: C. Poly  Added 17/10/2016
An interview on polyamory with myself.
Discussing polyamory from my point of view
Review: The Diva Cup  Added 16/10/2016
A detailed review on the pro's and con's of the Dive Cup
Dominating the Doctor  Added 16/10/2016
Erotic piece - Ryley needs more medical supplies to fuel her medical domination fetish, but obtaining those materials isnít as easy as it would seem. For most of the things she desires, one needs a medical license. Instead of wasting all that time going to medical school, Ryley decides to merely blackmail the young doctor at her doctorís office. It was easier than she had planned and now she has a new play toy as well as a way to her medical toys!
Vaginal fisting is an amazing fetish to explore. Don't worry, your vagina goes back to normal afterward. Just use lots of lube and these tips.
Mental illness is often shut behind doors and hidden from society. When it isn't hidden it is romanticized. Take a raw look inside my mind on a bad day. Doesn't seem so 'pretty' now, huh?
I'm Not A T-Shirt - A Poem  Added 07/05/2017
A poem: Polyamory and mental health often do not mix well. Having your heartbroken by someone you trusted because they can't handle polyamory can really take a toll on a person.
Blogging and personal goals for Poly Love and Sex for the month of March 2017. Write erotica, preplan posts, drawing, and spring cleaning!
A round up of posts that I, C. Poly, enjoyed from fellow sex bloggers during the month of February 2017.
Kink by Doc Johnson: A Review  Added 07/05/2017
A review of the Kink Line by Doc Johnson. From excited to disappointed. 2 out of 3 of these products did not meet my standards!
The BThrilled Classic Wand BSwish is an amazing new toy that I recommend everyone who enjoys wands to try out! It's light weight and gives deliciously rumbly vibrations.
Noveltrove is a new and upcoming website that hosts erotica. It is great for authors and readers alike!
Steak and blowjob day is march 14th. Here is an awesome steak recipe paired with amazing blowjob tips.
My Views On Religion  Added 07/05/2017
C. Poly's views on god and religion.
Update on how life is going
Another Update  Added 07/05/2017
Another update on how life is going for me.
Here is to hoping that next month is better than this one was! I had a rough April, but next month, next WEEK, you can expect the blog to be up and running again.
A list of my favorite blog posts from fellow bloggers from the month of April. Featuring Dangerous Lilly, Girly Juice, and more!