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Member since : 03/06/2016   Profile Views 1336
All posts I include on my blog are true. I don't fabricate events. Its all about my man and me and our voyage into sexual indulgence.
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  Added 03/06/2016  Posts Registered 17
It should matter how you express yourself sexually. By being honest about your desires you are able to live a happier healthier life. I write about my life on a sexual level - this includes bondage and how important communicating with your partner is.
Latest Posts on Sex Matters - Don't Lose it or Confuse it
The afternoon’s frisky, sexual endeavour in the stable, added to the strength of our union; added to the joy in my heart; added ounces to our stable relationship.
A good fucking is what a girl like me needs. I thrive sexually on a lot of attention.Thankfully my man understands this and delivers.
The post shows some of my latest action shots
Fun in the Sun  Added 03/06/2016
Spontaneous sexual frolics on a deserted beach. Holiday /fun
Exploring bondage for the first time in the incredible setting of a hayloft
Date Night Matters  Added 12/06/2016
Date night can take your relationship to a more intense level. Its all about taking time out to spend with each other and exploring your sexual desires, no matter what they are! Giving the person you love your time and attention is the most worthwhile gift to give.
It isn't always easy to tell the person you love what you desire sexually. Particularly if its not vanilla sex. Communication is key when you want kink in the bedroom.
Who am I? A woman can feel sexy and confident at any age by learning to understand and express her sexual desires, whatever they be.
Virginity is a strange concept. What actually is it? If a definition had to be assigned the words used would be along the lines of “someone who has never had sexual intercourse”. But is it more complicated than that?
Virgin at 41 - I am Rob, a 41-year-old guy and a VIRGIN. I have never been kissed or touched. Certainly not shagged, how can you work with that?
Daring and Different - My Man  Added 06/08/2016
I have never met anyone before who is more his own person as much as my man. He will always dare to be different, dare to be himself.
Living Matters  Added 16/08/2016
When misfortune strikes you realise how important it is to live each moment to the full, because it matters.
Boobday Action  Added 02/12/2016
I particularly like breasts in various stages of undress - when you can see the outline of the boob, depicting its shape and the curve of the nipple
Sex is Life  Added 31/12/2016
Sex is Life - He loves me to cup his balls or rub my breasts over his cock. I cannot see that doing this every day would be a problem for me.
I need a man who knows how to handle me and is not afraid to do so. Not one that I see as weak and unsure of his place in the world. I require a confident, assertive man - an alpha male!
Too Much Information regarding my Significant Other
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