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We have therefore come to the very difficult decision to shut the site down on 23 May 2018.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who has contributed to this site over the years. It's been fun.

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Sexual Destinies: Erotic Writings, Love of beautiful Submissive Men and Impressions on our Sexual Destinies!
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Sexual Destinies: Erotic Writings, love of beautiful Submissive Men and impressions on our Sexual Destinies!
Latest Posts on Sexual Destinies
It was a stormy weekend. The sky grey and menacing. The winds blowing in anger across the city. Howling through the trees threatening destruction. Heavy rain pounding against the roof and windows of her home. She loved it. Her own soul that night wanting destruction.
The Slut inside every Man  Added 03/01/2016
There’s a Perverted Slut in every Man. He saw her profile and it seemed a bit out of place for such a main stream dating site. Her words were bold and he felt he needed to challenge her concerning her stand on domination. After all… he was of the male species and an expert when it came to buckling the knees of a woman. She would be no exception.
Both on the couch. Face to face hours of talking issues through. Agreements made. The need to press on with their day awaits. One quick kiss lingers into another then him kissing her deeply. Holding her face tenderly in his hands. The settled conversation leading into the heating up of them. The knowing that people are waiting, work is waiting and the ‘parents out of the house’ feeling of it all.
The suburbs of the house. The fine wines. The dressed for an elegant party and my dreaded mingling. Then someone talking. Someone talking about the basement and I stand discrete but close enough to listen. The obvious BDSM references and the casual interest of the faces. Long time practitioners, seasoned. I think to myself. I’m part of another discussion group but listening intently to the other. The basement is mentioned again and there’s a warmth in my stomach. A female guest speaks of whipping and my pussy stirs. My interest piqued.
In sexual vampirism one partner drains the other’s sexual energy or life force. Yes.. It’s out there and yes there are people that are serious about this kind of play. Google it and you’ll get all sorts of descriptions.
Primal Hunger. Owning It!  Added 07/12/2015
My drive and hunger is to recognize the nervousness in your soul, yet feel the yielding of your spirit. The ‘You’ that is presented to the majority of the world will not hold my attention. I need to smell the weariness of battle on your flesh. I need to see the gnawing need of your soul to be discovered and unearthed.
Then I feel it. His hands brushing across my shoulders as he reaches up to the back of my neck and gathers the thickness of my long dark hair. His fingers become entwined in the strands. Carefully and gently he reaches through the rebellious and wild pieces that have become entangled from our play. He moves them away revealing my face; with his finger pulls one last strand that has become caught between my lips and his shaft.
Pegging. Why I Want Your Ass!  Added 27/11/2015
A very dear friend asked me recently why some women feel the need to peg his ass. He wanted my thoughts on this as a domme. I’ve been asked this before and have tried to offer explanations. Although always in a private forum. Some of my writings have touched on my take on the subject.
He studies the just fucked, orgasmic feral expression spreading across her face. Her hands blindly place the collar around his neck. The metal and spiked choke collar they had purchased at the last Winter Vendor Fair. Still in a hazy, flushed fog, her hands work to get the collar secure while her eyes watch his. Then looking away she locks it in place. The sound bringing her back to a calm state. Her inner control of him returning and his cock still firm inside her. Deep to the hilt of the innermost of her. Lost in her heated paradise.
The Primal of Us.  Added 26/10/2015
Your white collared shirt unbuttoned, hanging open. Your slacks opened by me and down at your shoes, briefs down on your slacks. Or you standing straight, muscled and about to go to the park for softball. Or you standing warm, cozy, unshaven about to go out to cut wood for our fire. No difference. I have need of you. Always!
Making Dinner  Added 25/10/2015
She walks up behind him as he’s making their dinner, admiring his sweet bare ass cheeks peeking through the open back of his dark blue apron. The squared front professional chef apron they picked out together, with the bow tied in the back. She rubs her right hand along the muscled globed of his ass cheeks and wraps her left arm around him pulling him close. Her face nuzzles against the crook of his arm as he touches the spatula to the chicken. The sizzling hot chicken on the indoor grill.
Brutal Nights  Added 16/10/2015
The rough, thick rope was now strung between two ancient trees. The rope she watched him tie a single knot into that night. She loved the strong look of his hands while tying. The naked and muscled moving obedient of him as he tied the ends of the rope to two points hammock style. The sisal rope with the natural fibers and the knot in the center. Her eyes followed him as he turned away from her, stepping over the rope and straddling. She, comfortably dressed contrasting the naked, whipped and reddened of him. Her standing and him squatting down onto the rope. The scratchy, fiber knot fitting into the crack of his ass, wedging between the cheeks as he lowers himself down into an awkward crouching position.
Marked - Claimed - Owned  Added 02/10/2015
I slip into a deep sleep and my mind is full with wanting you, needing you, marking you again. I see you in my dream...tied...immobile by the rope securely bound around you. Bound to the chair in our basement. I reflect on the muscled, naked helpless of you and my craving to mark my initials into the scar on your right shoulder. The scare I gave you months ago.
I’m a Woman First…..  Added 29/09/2015
I see your male form, all muscled, cut, toned, your ass taunt and your cock hard for my attention. I can feel and taste the saliva start to line the inside of my mouth as it begins to water. The beat of my heart increasing and the throbbing between my legs, evident. The palms of my hands itch to touch you, strike you, bind you, pull you and grip you. The primal need in me rising as the predator awakens. But what keeps me engaged with you, keeps me hungry for you, keeps me panting for your taste and smell is the beauty I see inside you.
Primal Need and Ownership  Added 25/09/2015
You walk naked into the living room and place my harness and 'Big Red' down on the coffee table. I look up from my lap top and you turn your gaze away. Not a word. But none needed. So many times you weren't ready. So many times we played and I prodded and poked and use some small plugs in that sweet ass of yours. But never 'Big Red'. You knew 'Big Red' meant a pounding for your ass. Meant balls deep and a ripping of your soul. You hadn't been ready; until tonight.
Aftercare and a Tender Tush  Added 19/09/2015
She remembers the pics from earlier in the day he so obediently supplied her. The abuse, violation and her pride in him as he understood the importance of the lesson. The knowledge he acquired when he was not broken but renewed as he found a strength he didn’t know was there. A strength he has only with her. A strength that grows only with her.
Wet Paper Dreams  Added 01/11/2015
She kissed him on his cheek, as she rubbed his shoulders, watching him work. Days had rolled into the other as his new project took his time away from her. Away from them. Watching him she loved his dedication through the long hours he invested and was proud of him. In that same moment, there was that other side of her thinking how good it would be to fuck his ass. To have him down with her hands gripping on his shoulder blades, leaning over him and deeply fucking the ass she had been missing. Big Red going as deep as she could thrust it. The inner urge inside her soul to completely enslaved him. To feed the sadist and masochist in them.
The Fucking Machine.  Added 10/09/2015
She receives his apology in her heart loving the deep sincerity in his eyes. But when he finally called saying he was on his way, she quickly set up the fucking machine downstairs. The battle between the dom and lover inside her raged.
It’s the weekend and I’m at work… again. You’re alone in the house, bored, restless and horny. You’re a fucking dog in heat and you’re blowing up my phone with your text messages of dirty words, filthy scenes, pictures of your cock and begging, “Please Miss, play along I need it.”
His Slave Heart.  Added 24/08/2015
He, kneeling in the living-room next to her chair. Showered and muscled body oiled as instructed. Cage removed and replaced with a black leather harness secured around his cock and balls. Thick black leather collar around his neck, soothing his soul with the confirmation of her ownership. Chain leash clipped to it’s D ring. Sapphire blue jeweled butt plug strangely becoming a familiar part of him.