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Rabbit in Chains User Profile For Rabbit in Chains
Member since : 29/03/2015   Profile Views 4241
I have been a M/s relationship with my new Daddy for the last 4 months and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.. I'm a service top in my local community, and occasionally manage to perform as a novice belly dancer at parties. I'm an unabashed nerd and a writer. I decided I wanted to wax rhetoric about kink in a venue where I had more freedom of content than is allowed on Fetlife, so I started a blog. Plus, I like to make shit pretty and include pictures and videos and such. :D
Rabbit in Chains's Kinks
M/s, knives, force, spanking, flogging, chains, domestic service, belly dance, sensory deprivation, wrestling, sensation play, role play, primalism, breath play
Rabbit in Chains's Interests
Rabbit in Chains's Music
Rabbit in Chains's Literature
I have a library of over 500 hard copy books. Currently, I'm reading the Barsoom novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs on my Kindle.
Rabbit in Chains's Media
Supernatural, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, Game of Thrones, Musicals, Video Games Awesome, Paranormal Horror Movies, Fantasy Movies.
Sites Registered To Rabbit in Chains
  Added 29/03/2015  Posts Registered 126
A blog about BDSM, M/s, and Belly Dance from the perspective of a fun-sized, straight, female s-type. And sometimes erotica.
Latest Posts on Rabbit in Chains
A Handful of Kisses  Added 17/01/2016
Musing on my somewhat minimal experience with kissing for Kink of the Week.
In which we meet Rodrick's sister and her mate.
In which Rodrick finally gives Constantina some clothes and takes her into his world.
The Ultimate Punishment  Added 18/06/2015
A discussion inspired by "disappointment" being the worst punishment.
A discussion on the size disparity between my owner's and my equipment and how I'm attempting to remedy that one giant dildo at a time.
The Little Things  Added 25/11/2016
Ruminating about the label of Little and how it fits into my new relationship
More sexy times with Rodrick and Constantina
The Sweet Spot  Added 28/12/2015
A photo of one of my new glass toys.
In which Rodrick gets down to business.
Gems  Added 21/12/2015
Showing off a few gems for Sinful Sunday
Unmasked: Part 10: Education  Added 16/12/2015
In which Constantina rummages through Rodrick's things.
Silver-tongued Devil  Added 14/12/2015
An ode to my favorite sex toy: the knife.
That's a Paddlin'  Added 11/12/2015
My thoughts on corrective spanking for Food for Thought Friday
Denial Denied  Added 07/12/2015
Free verse about denial.
Unmasked: Part 9: Territory  Added 09/12/2015
In which the group makes it back to the wolves' stronghold and Rodrick gives another warning.
Unmasked: Part 8: Skin to Skin  Added 03/12/2015
Rodrick plays with his new toy.
Mistress Peach discusses misconceptions about strap-on sex.
Madame Sophia  Added 29/11/2015
Introducing the newest toy in my collection
Unmasked: Part 7: Compulsions  Added 25/11/2015
In which Rodrick and Constantina are finally alone...eventually.
Part 2 in my written fantasy about my owner.