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Ann St. Vincent User Profile For Ann St. Vincent
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  Added 11/11/2014  Posts Registered 12
I am a 40-something professional living in a big city. I am also a Mom. The turbulence in the last few years in my life Ė involving open marriage, affairs, divorce, a sexual reawakening, online dating Ė all while navigating equal custody of my son and trying to maintain a good relationship with my ex Ė has inspired me to put some of my thoughts and experience on ďpaperĒ. Unlike many recently divorced women, I am not bitter or angry at my ex for the breakdown of our marriage. We both agreed we should go our separate ways. I donít regret my choices. Iím pretty happy. Iím not using a dating coach (yet). Iím not looking to replace my husband and get re-married. What I am, after a 15-year almost totally sexless relationship, is very keen on fulfilling every physical and emotional desire I have and coming back to life. So far, so good. Life is fun and quite messy and Iím just figuring it out as I go along. Everything here is true and my first hand, un-embellished experience, but the names of those I mention have been disguised to protect the guilty. Enjoy.
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