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Alex & Suze User Profile For Alex & Suze
Member since : 13/07/2006   Profile Views 23372
We are an adventurous UK couple who have been blogging since April 2005. We try to keep everything in our lives varied, from our sex life to the blog. You'll find day-to-day diary entries, humourous posts (well we think they're funny), erotic stories, images and now even video clips. Enjoy :)
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  Added 13/07/2006  Posts Registered 5602
A Sex Blog by Alex & Suzanne.
Latest Posts on AlexSuze
Six Drunken Girls and Me  Added 28/01/2010
Tonight should be fun. Weíre off out with the girls from Suzeís ex-office. If youíve not been keeping up Suze left her job several weeks ago to work full time on the
Suze And Her Glass Dildo   Added 12/02/2008
Sparkling Joy!
The Mirror Cracked   Added 29/08/2007
Free speech is a privilege, hard won with the blood of generations and should not be taken for granted. Ask bloggers who live under some of the more oppressive regimes around the globe. Oh, you canít because their governmentsí censor email and block
I Must Be Crazy!  Added 18/06/2007
It was quickly followed by another which shot over my left hip and on to the bed at the side of me. Then, plip, plip, plip came successive batons of semen as they hit my lower abdomen and thighs.
Not All Sweetness And Light   Added 11/07/2007
D/s and BDSM relationships are often misunderstood by those who do not understand them as being abusive. However in a well balanced relationship D/s or BDSM the Dom and the sub fulfil needs for each other and in doing so can have a bond that, even i
Morning Fucky Time  Added 23/04/2010
I had a really weird morning. I woke at 05:10 and misread the alarm clock though bleary eyes. I normally rise an hour later but thinking it was
The reason I know this is because they have now started to open up to me and reveal more of themselves. That is the other sideÖthe side you donít normally get to see at work.
Getting Closer To The Action  Added 02/04/2013
Watching your favourite porn stars in the latest DVD or VoD release is a deliciously decadent delight that has had no equal Ė until now. Porn film vacations takes
Pussy Licking Goodness  Added 22/11/2012
Human beings have been experimenting with sex for thousands of years so it came as no shock to me to find out that cunnilingus
Lusty Busty  Added 22/01/2009
It was our big night out o Tuesday with some clients who were treating Busty and myself to dinner.
We were watching the local news this evening, specifically an article about a rich Yorkshire businessman
Please Make It Stop!   Added 31/07/2007
Creepy how some things stick in your head even though youíd prefer them not to. Itís like a pine needle in the carpet that you canít vacuum out and you have to remove with tweezers and a torch. Except with memories itís a little more difficult and a
Here Comes the Sun   Added 30/07/2007
Her succulent lips parted, ever so slightly. I pulled her to me. Through her white dress, light as gossamer I could feel her fresh, firm form. I could taste her, smell her, like I was part of her. She was at once both newborn and yet far from naÔve.
Beyond The Pain   Added 30/07/2007
Yesterday eveningís events made me think just how strong and anaesthetising the emotions evoked by the sexual act can be.
International Be Yourself Day   Added 10/07/2007
Yeah, like weíre all going to take kindly to our faults pointed out by everyone around us and the next day forget all about it and not want to drop an Acme brand anvil on your detractorís heads as they walk out their front door the next morning. In a
The weather takes it out of my skin at this time of year. Cold winds and indoor central heating all conspire to try and turn me in to a prune. Iíve never
Svala BjŲrgvinsdůttir  Added 21/01/2009
She is isn't she?
Alex and I made a major investment in our bed when we had the money. That was quite a while ago, LOL. After testing out lots of mattresses
Last night at dinner whilst Busty was doing a serious bit of flirting with the new guy I chatted with his colleague who sat opposite me at the table.
One thingís for certain, when Monty Python features a sketch in a tobacconistís shop about a Hungarian with a less than reliable phrase book
  Added 06/08/2006  Posts Registered 5
Erotic stories, previously published on
Latest Posts on Erotic Library
Elliot Brown, Part 2  Added 31/08/2006
Elliot Brown, Part 3  Added 02/10/2006
Elliot Brown, Part 4  Added 02/10/2006
Elliot Brown, Part 5  Added 02/10/2006
  Added 09/10/2007  Posts Registered 85
The Ultimate Resource For The Adult Web
Latest Posts on A-Rouse
Since 11 members of President Obamaís own staff were sent home recently during a visit to Colombia because of ďimproper conductĒ life in the country has seen everything from comic songs to advertising posters based on the incident.
Buying a present for Christmas can always be a little difficult, especially if youíve been with someone for a while
Itís really whetted our appetite and if we could afford to weíd be off to Erotica at Olympia in London. 43 days to get some cash together and create another plausible excuse to take a couple of days off work. I donít mean that we skive off, just that
The initial sensation was one of strong vibrations and tingling. Then came the urge to giggle, it then felt tickly. I did giggle. Then OMG! Before I had any chance to compose myself my orgasm hit like a tidal wave without warning and my upper bod
SHM Magazine  Added 04/11/2007
Because the magazine is aimed at those in the swinging lifestyle the majority of the articles are written with those readers in mind. Luckily that doesnít mean that non-swingers canít enjoy them as the style is friendly, though occasionally slightly
My clit was now alive and he was pounding and pounding in to me. I couldnít hold back, my first orgasm took me over. I plunged in to a deep sense of satisfaction and release and then started to come back up again, as I did so I became aware once mo
Richard Larsen Jewellery  Added 26/10/2007
Richard Larsen is a goldsmith and designer of jewellery with twenty years experience. Originally from South Africa, heís now resident in the UK and in addition to his more conventional designs has been devising and manufacturing a range of fetish jew
Lucrezia Magazine  Added 01/11/2007
Sexuality is as explosive or spicy as Lucrezia Borgia. Hence the title. It is socially juggled, sometimes avoided but definitely viewed and absorbed. Human sexuality ruffled feathers when it debuted in mainstream society at the time of Freud, and it
Cathy Barry  Added 02/11/2007
Weíve been fans of Cathy for a while, not specifically because of her porn movies, but because of her personality. She appeared a while back on the ďMen and MotorsĒ satellite channel on her show ďCathyís World of Big BoobsĒ (with Teressa May), not th
Tennis Girl Is Back  Added 04/11/2007
With some borrowed tennis whites and his then girlfriend Fiona Butler as his model he put a roll of Kodak film in his camera and took the photograph that ended up on two million posters. The image first appeared in a 1977 calendar, but the image real
Repo  Added 06/11/2007
I think the movie is destined to be a classic, maybe for all the wrong reasons, but a classic nonetheless. You have to recognise, just from the trailer the debt the production owes to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hellraiser and Saw (via Darren Lynn
Like all media before it, be that painting, sculpture, film, television or the Web Machinima has developed an adult side. I first heard about this in the naughty side of second life. I say heard about the naughty side because Iíve never seen a Second
World Sex Positions Museum  Added 09/11/2007
I found this at World Sex Positions Museum yesterday, thought youíd all like it. The best bit is that itís in 3D over at the WSPM, you can take a virtual ďwalkĒ around each of the positions the simulated couple are enjoying.
Monkey Spanker Review  Added 10/11/2007
When I came it was with a great shuddering orgasm. The combination of naughtiness at pushing my cock into the tight little hole and the excellent design came together perfectly to deliver a great orgasm.
Monogamy Game Review  Added 12/11/2007
We didnít play the full game, indeed the manufacturers claim that people rarely finish a full six circuits of the board before the passion takes over and naughtiness ensues. You donít have to play the full game to get hot and steamy. You can play a s
Iím no artist so you wouldnít want to see my doodles on the web. But this site is full of drawings and animations that are truly different, personal and therefore refreshing.
Weíre non of us perfect. I know Iím not, either in personality or appearance, so if I were actually bothered about the image that the popular media depicts as being the ďidealĒ I would have a constant struggle to try and attain it. And of course Iíd
Online Dating - DIY  Added 21/11/2007 ( has the technology to allow you to build your own dating website based on their tools. So if youíve ever fancied yourself as online cupid they might just have the solution. They provide the technology, supp
If youíre struggling to find a gift for the one you love this year, you might want to spend some time looking at this site and considering what they could do for you. ďFor just £99, you can re create your favourite boudoir shot from our gallery of pi
Safe Sex  Added 23/11/2007
Here at A-rouse and on our blog we talk about sex, write erotic fiction and carry out sex toy reviews. However one thing has been missing and we didnít even notice. We are both advocates of safe sex. We may write about casual encounte
  Added 05/07/2007  Posts Registered 112
Unique, In-Depth and Honest Sex Toy Reviews
Latest Posts on AlexSuze Sex Toy Reviews
Strawberries And Cream  Added 08/07/2007
I reached down between my legs and pressed the bullet against my clit and rolled it gently around as he pounded at my pussy. Then came another orgasm, swiftly followed by another. I seemed to be in an orgasmic ocean with breaker upon breaker hittin
Eclipse 7 Rabbitronic Vibe  Added 05/07/2007
I lubed up (itís a fair size, donít attempt to insert without) but forgot to warm my toy up in the process. Boy, it was cold going in. Too, eager thatís my trouble. My advice when inserting the Eclipse is to make sure that you tilt the base towards y
Lexiís Pocket Pussy Review  Added 05/02/2010
Itís not many guys that get to try out another womanís vagina with the help of their partner. But I am one of those guys. This time it was the Lexi Pocket Pussy from Doc Johnson
If you havenít read it already Suzeís Review of the Sensual Bender by California Exotics itís here. Is it strange that a toy ordered primarily for me should first be reviewed by Suze?
Utopia Rabbbit Review  Added 05/04/2010
I fancied an up and downer and asked for the professional help of Bedtime Heaven to select a good one for me. There are so many vibrators to choose from I am sometimes a little lost as to which to test drive.
Tenga Egg Review  Added 02/04/2010
When I requested the Tenga Egg from Bedtime Heaven for review I was in for a bit of a shock. It arrived in the usual discrete plain envelope, but when I was handed it by the postman I thought heíd given me the wrong package.
The glass butt plug sent to me by Nice Sex Toys is a genuinely marvelous object. Disregarding its function as a sex toy it could be a beautiful object díarte for your living room.
Thai Anal Beads Review  Added 24/03/2010
I didnít expect Suze to object when I asked Nice Sex Toys to send me the Froggie Thai Beads for review. She does like shoving things up may ass. She enjoys seeing my reaction as first she eases a toy into me and then as she withdraws it.
The people at Fleshlight have obviously realised that thereís a market out there for something a little more personal than their original range of masturbators.
Nexus O Review  Added 13/03/2010
The Nexus O is one of the most unusual male sex toys available. Most prostate stimulators, including those from Nexus themselves are shaped as obviously insertable toys, often with contours
This is a first for me, I have never watched Ben Doverís naughty productions or used any of his toys. In fact I donít think I really noticed them until I spotted the G-Spot Smoothie
It may come as no surprise to some of you readers out there, that this monthís toy review focuses on the subject of my latest HNT. And may I say what a wonderful choice our voting readers made.
My nipples are very sensitive to the touch and as a result I get a lot of pleasure from them being licked, sucked, tweaked and the odd ice cube rolled over them. Yum! So I decided that I would like to try some kink of the nipple toy variety.
Cupidís Couch  Added 07/09/2007
This is where the added bounce I mentioned earlier comes back in to play. For every downward thrust I gave, Alex met me with an energetic upward thrust. This made for a very deep, very satisfying fuck. I lost count of the orgasms, it was a truly m
The interaction between us as Suze controlled the insertion and vibration of the plug was new and very satisfying for both of us. My only real disappointment was that the plug would not stay in as I moved position. I have a tight anal sphincter, but
Climax Burst Tingling Lube  Added 02/03/2010
Alex and I went to bed absolutely I was going to say fucked, yes I suppose we were. Entertaining family over the holiday period had taken more out of us than we realised. I suppose it just creeps up on you
Toy Joy Cherry Blossom Nibbler  Added 13/10/2007
I came rather violently, thrashing and moaning like a possessed whore. The clitoral stimulation that this toy provides is unequalled by anything I have ever tried before. Do I sound as if I am hooked? Yes I do, this has to be one of the best toys
Video review of Nexus Vibro Male G-Spot Vibrator
Toy Joy Twin Turbo Dolphin  Added 21/10/2007
The Cherry Nibbler was reviewed first and I must admit up to now was my favourite DIY orgasm inducer. I have tried it several times since the review and it never fails to deliver a pelvic thrusting clitoral orgasm every time.
Alex passed me the new toy and the batteries for it, which were thoughtfully provided by Bedtime Heaven. I inserted them in to the battery housing and connected the lead to the Crystal Clear Balls Anal Vibrator, 9 inches of vibratory pleasure!
  Added 23/09/2007  Posts Registered 4
Suze's articles, views and opinions on sex and adult issues in general
Latest Posts on Suze's Views
Surreptitious Sex   Added 23/09/2007
I felt his cock throb and with a deep-throated groan of sexual satisfaction he came in my mouth. I swallowed most of his juice but kept a little on one side so that when we kissed he could taste his own cum.
This young good looking brown haired, brown eyed boy liked girls to squat over him and pee. He would apparently lie down on the floor and have the girlís squat over his chest and face and urinate on him. I think the main reason I didnít want to do th
This young good looking brown haired, brown eyed boy liked girls to squat over him and pee. He would apparently lie down on the floor and have the girlís squat over his chest and face and urinate on him. I think the main reason I didnít want to do th
  Added 06/05/2008  Posts Registered 571
Sex Toys Reviews
Latest Posts on Sex Toys Buzz
bcute Curve Vibrator  Added 20/10/2010
I always find sex toy reviews interesting and challenging, you just never know how things are going to turn out. Sometimes toys look like they are just the thing to send you skyward
Lelo Elise Vibrator Review  Added 21/01/2009
Dark Classy And Seductive All words I would use to sum up the latest sex toy sent to me by my friends at the Oh! Zone. Itís the lovely Lelo Elise. How beautifully they package their adult toys.
Vanity Vr8 From Jopen  Added 09/01/2014
The packaging of the Vanity Vr8 certainly isnít worthy of note although it is functional and totally recyclable for all of us out there with a green conscience. The Vanity Vr8 arrived
This sex toy review was one that I was looking forward to because itís a variation on a piece of bedroom play equipment that I think every couple should have. Bondage restraints are something that can be used for everything from sensual play
bswish bcurious Vibrator  Added 07/08/2010
The ďPussy MouseĒ Selecting toys for a sex toy review is so easy these days, I seem to know immediately which ones will send me to seventh heaven simply by looking at
Itís the ultimate aim for all of us, get the best products at the cheapest price from a well-known supplier. When it comes to buying sex toys online itís not easy to achieve all three of those aims. Big suppliers can sometimes
Fun Factory Flash Vibrator  Added 08/05/2010
I received my new sex toy from the lovely ladies at Sh! Today. It was a sex toy I first saw being launched at the Venus Sexpo
Excite Vibrator From Sh!  Added 01/10/2013
This is the second vibrator Iím reviewing in a range of 3 products specially designed and developed by Sh! Womenís Store. After all it takes
Jack Master Masturbator  Added 19/04/2010
This sex toy review of the Jack Master masturbator is at some point going to refer to another very similar toy from another, well-known manufacturer. However it isnít going
Bondage Bow  Added 08/06/2013
At first glance this bow looks quite innocent but has hidden depths. The latex Bondage Bow can be fixed to any gift with its sticky pad, a gift upon a gift. Because once you release the loops of latex you
Swede Flower Power Massage  Added 18/04/2010
We are going to have to find a more appealing name for our sex toys reviews when the reviews arenít about toys.
A bit of a mouthful I know. Sliquid tend to tend to do that with their products. Lol For the uninitiated, Sliquid produce a range of products which are sensitive to the environment
Cigar Vibrator Review  Added 17/04/2010
Sex toy reviews are often about toys that bear a striking resemblance to any number of other devices. Occasionally we get the opportunity to review a sex toy that is a little different.
Mega Booty Beads  Added 17/04/2010
Mega Booty Beads are a sex toy that is intended for anal use. When performing a sex toy review itís always wise to have lube to hand and in the case of an anal sex toy review it is vital.
Mystim Charging Chester  Added 10/01/2016
Mystim have been working hard over the past few years to develop a range of products which hold appeal to all levels of sex toy user. Charging Chester (I canít help thinking of Charlie Chester. Lol) is just one
Wild G Rabbit Vibrator Review  Added 16/04/2010
Itís a while since I indulged myself with a rabbit sex toy so I thought I would address that and ask if my good friends at would send me one over to feed carrots to
Fairy Mini Wand Massager  Added 01/04/2013
Masturbation Fascination Ė The sex toy review that nearly wasnít Ö I never quite got itÖthe Hitachi Magic Wand that is. Iíve got one and it is great for massage and Alex uses it quite frequently on my back.
Six Shot Vibrating Cock Ring  Added 16/04/2010
This sex toy review may sound a little like a review of a revolver, but bear with me. The Six Shot Vibrating Cock Ring is part of the Teez Toys range of sex toys by the Dutch sex toy producer Shots Toys. The Six Shot Cock Ring houses six separate vib
Love Pacifier Butt Plug   Added 15/04/2010
Some people I suppose are anal naturals and others take some time to slip in to the groove. To aid my transition I asked the guys over at if they could send over what looked like the perfect sex toy for my second big anal adventure.
Fleshlight Vibro Review  Added 13/04/2010
I feel like doing the Dervla Kerwan thing Ė This isnít just a sex toy review, itís a Fleshlight Vibro sex toy review. LOL
  Added 07/09/2013  Posts Registered 0