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Mistress Scarlet User Profile For Mistress Scarlet
Member since : 20/02/2012   Profile Views 3315
My name is Mistress Scarlet. I am a dominant female and a sadist. I am now a lesbian. I have a thoroughly subjugated husband who I call bitch-boy. Bitch-boy is a subjugated, trapped slave and a source of amusement. He does all the chores and housework, and fetches and carries and his reward is enforced chastity, humiliation, punishment and suffering; and of course living with an exciting beautiful woman! My tastes are eclectic and include petticoating humiliation of bitch-boy as little girl, school girl and French maid; extended total sensory deprivation, sub-human slave treatment, SPH, babyfication, bondage, enforced hospitilisation, dickie-discipline, the use of an electrical box, tease and denial, and of course sessions of discipline to maintain appropriate standards of submissiveness. I hope this website provides some tips and tricks to help fellow dominant women subjugate their slaves and maximise their enjoyment from their dominant lives. Perhaps readers will reciprocate with tips and tricks to help me subjugate and take pleasure.
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  Added 20/02/2012  Posts Registered 61
The Blog of a real life dominant wife in a 'non-consensual' relationship.
Latest Posts on Mistress Scarlet's Blog
An interesting question  Added 10/03/2012
My answer to a question left as a comment on my blog
Value for money humiliation!  Added 01/03/2013
Low cost - high impact!
Stuck in a rut (A good rut!)  Added 01/03/2013
more of the same but thats good
Maid home Alone  Added 10/01/2013
He has to spend a day alone doing his choes, locked into his outfit.
Photos of bitch-boy  Added 11/11/2013
Photos of bitch-boy
Minor Adjustments  Added 05/01/2014
Some minor adjustments to one of my favourite tease and denial bondage positions
Playing with his trinkets while he is in bondage
Some Photographs  Added 23/06/2013
photos realting to my lifestyle
High Praise Indeed  Added 02/10/2012
genrous praise for my latest journal
Hard weekend (for him!)  Added 02/10/2012
the hard weekend my slave endured
Yet More TSD bondage  Added 07/03/2012
Because bitch-boy so hates Total Sensory Depravation bondage, I find I am using it more and more. 5 hours on Sunday.
Baking Practice  Added 29/02/2012
Update on preparations for Miss J's visit this weekend.
Christmas Eve  Added 26/12/2012
more high heels training
Nurse Nasty - Image on the front of a popular mainstream magazine
Nurse Nasty and TSD bondage  Added 20/02/2012
A new experience for bitch-boy and I yesterday.
Struggling to swallow  Added 16/07/2012
My continuing journey into depravity
Things I will never get bored of
denial without much tease
Catwalk Tease (and denial)  Added 23/12/2013
Teasing desperate bitch-boy
Typical workday morning ritual