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Rebel User Profile For Rebel
Member since : 09/06/2011   Profile Views 3306
Funloving - Honest - Empathic - Bisexual - Erotic blogger - In a D/s relationship with my Husband
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  Added 09/06/2011  Posts Registered 1823
Naughty & nice. I love sex, love writing about my sexual experiences and my fantasies.
Latest Posts on Rebel's Notes
Green Decorations  Added 22/01/2016
Homes need decorations, such as plants, and so do city streets.
Porn Between My Legs  Added 22/01/2016
I'm talking about porn and showing you some porn between my legs!
Ten Search Terms  Added 22/01/2016
I'm combining ten different search terms in one post.
Shattered Glass  Added 05/04/2014
Shattered glass is a story written for this week's Wicked Wednesday prompt.
Men in knickers  Added 05/04/2014
What are your views on men in knickers, or in women's clothing and make-up?
Orgasm control is the subject for Kink of the week and orgasm control is something I do not mind one bit.
Red, Redder, Reddest!  Added 17/01/2016
Red couch, red lace, red ass
Fucking Women  Added 22/06/2015
Skelly watched two women fucking each other and wished that he could join in.
Painfully Horny  Added 22/06/2015
When I'm horny, I crave pain, and sometimes that is exactly what I get.
After a second play date, my ass was its own fifty shades of red.
Pressure Points   Added 04/01/2015
Using a simple kitchen utensil as a kinky tool can be lots of fun, and painful(ly exciting).
Hodge-Podge  Added 17/01/2016
Hodge-podge, or just a random collection of links I want to bring to your attention.
Kiss Me Once...   Added 15/01/2016
The Kink of the Week is all about kissing, and I am explaining what a kiss means to me.
Two Fantasies   Added 15/01/2016
I'm talking about my two fantasies, the two things I would really want to happen, but that also makes me quite nervous.
BOOBIES!!!  Added 06/05/2012
Sinful Sunday post showing off the prizes I won in a recent Easter competition.
Taxi On Water  Added 15/01/2016
A scavenger hunt adventure...
We had an interesting first meeting with someone who I have named 'The Talker'. This is his introduction...
Sunny Side   Added 16/10/2016
This image works very well because of the sunny shadows decorating my pussy and legs. Now sharing it for the weekly meme, Sinful Sunday.
Bukkake... No! Yes? Maybe?!  Added 16/10/2016
Bukkake is the topic for Kink of the Week and where at first I wasn't going to participate, I actually had something to say about it.
We had an interesting first meeting with someone who I have named 'The Talker'. This is his introduction...