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Molly User Profile For Molly
Member since : 15/09/2010   Profile Views 18853
Bloggers, author, photographer, Director of Operations for
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  Added 15/09/2010  Posts Registered 433
I am a collared submissive and this blog is about me and whatever I feel like sharing, after all, sharing is caring!
Latest Posts on Molly's Daily Kiss
Someone Once Told Me  Added 22/11/2012
I was featured on Someone Once Told Me blog....
Very Dirty Girls   Added 21/01/2016
Only very dirty girls such their husbands cock while he watched porn
With a rebel yell  Added 26/10/2016
I have no regrets about my slutfest
Celia Mermaid Jones  Added 23/10/2016
Erotic fiction about an unexpected Mermaid
Never say never again  Added 16/01/2016
my first experience of medical staplers
Make a Wish  Added 19/10/2016
A boobday image with some thoughts on photo editing
Flesh over bone  Added 16/10/2016
A Sinful Sunday image with a little tale of distraction
Do Not Consent  Added 20/11/2013
A piece about rape fantasies and the current move by the UK government to make Rape Porn illegal
Morning Stretch  Added 01/08/2012
Taking a morning stretch on the balcony
Testing The Water  Added 12/01/2013
Testing the bath water... Fancy a bath with me?
Dripping Hot  Added 01/04/2013
Dripping Hot a post for Kink of the Week about wax play
X is for Xxxmas  Added 03/01/2015
X is for Xxxmas and some knife play
Can You Dig It  Added 08/01/2014
A Scavenger Hunt post to start off the New Year
A guest post for the Pussy Pride Project
Top 100 Sex Blogs Redux  Added 06/01/2016
Please come and nominate you best sex blogs of 2015
Wabbit Season  Added 19/04/2014
An Easter Sinful Sunday post featuring a very naughty Easter bunny
W is for White  Added 03/01/2015
W is for white.... a snowy scene
Calm Repose  Added 08/10/2016
A autumnal boobday post
Time for you to nominate you top sex blogs of 2016 sponsored by Kink Craft
You've got a friend in me  Added 28/09/2016
Friendship, the ups and down and some grief
  Added 15/09/2010  Posts Registered 7
I am a collared submissive and this blog is about me and whatever I feel like sharing, after all, sharing is caring!
Latest Posts on Molly's Daily Kiss, Sinful Sunday
The Best Of Underneath  Added 14/02/2012
Sinful Sunday competition results
Easter Competition News  Added 05/04/2012
Full details of the Sinful Sunday Easter Competition with a list of all the amazing prizes
The full winners list of the Easter competition in Sinful Sunday
The theme for the next Sinful Sunday competition is Rude Britannia
Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 59 featuring Molly's top 3 pics of the week
Competition Results of the 'Rude Britannia' Sinful Sunday competition
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