Sapiosexuality on Rebel’s notes

We like new terms here on Dark Scribe and we love investigating sexuality so this post over on “Rebel’s Notes” piqued our interest.

Once I knew what sapiosexuality is, I had to sit back and think. Not for a couple of minutes, but for hours. I had to try and determine whether I can be considered to be a sapiosexual or not. I took the four explanations of the Urban Dictionary …

You can read more here.

Dark Scribe is Back

Several years ago Adult Blog Hub used to have a resident site reviewer who assumed the name “Dark Scribe”. Things change and we dropped the site reviews to concentrate on the site itself. But now Dark Scribe is back to feature new blogs, old blogs and anything to do with blogs and social networking in the adult sphere.

So if you want to appear on our Dark Scribe Blog you can email us, or follow our twitter account @SexyTweeters and @ us with your site’s URL